Revenant Glimmer, Ponysona


Revenant Glimmer


this is my Fursona, Revenant Glimmer,

"but you can call me Revenant. I am half Unicorn, half Ponygeist. I can communicate with Ponygeists and Ghosts, like the one standing behind you. Can you see it? Oh, and there is a difference between the two, so,um... Please don't confuse them... (*Psst* they get grumpy if you do...). Um... I'm kinda shy and awkward around others I guess, because of my "special abilities," but i love to make friends! I love art, writing, acting and swimming! I'm practicing sewing, too! I absolutely love fish! In fact, you could say I live in a home-made aquarium, kinda... So, um.... Does anypony want to be my friend?"