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Dec 24, 2010
We had Christmas in February once. At Christmas we were moving to the farm and it was a huge undertaking. I had fifty rabbits, all in individual cages, plus kitties, dogs, goats, pigs... I had to build enclosures and fences and sweet mercy.... It was an ordeal. We decided to wait a bit on the holiday and Action Hank was a toddler, so he didn't much care or know what we had done. I had his cousin Triston at the time too. Man, what a weird time that was.
Ha that is fantastic to have Christmas in February.

@Tak I totally understand about it all being about Miss E. If I had kids I would feel the same way. That is how it is being a mom. My friend never exchanges Christmas gifts with her husband. She never gets anything. It has always been saved for the children. Her Christmas has always been watching her girls smile and fill the house with laughter over the holidays.