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Sapphire Radiance, Sapphiredragoon's Ponysona


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
May 21, 2014
Name: Sapphire Radiance
Her Name is from my like of Sapphire Gems and my love of Astronomy it's the best name for her.

Species: Unicorn
I'm not the Brightest of Ponies but i do like to Read Books and Entertain little ones with my Magic it's a Blessing for me to Care for my Foals

Main Color: Dark Blue
My Favorite Color is Blue like the Sky and the Ocean.

Mane: Light Blue with Light Purple Streaks
It's a Light Sapphire Blue and Light Amethyst Purple for the Colors Blue represent my love of the Ocean and of Stones and the Purple is my Personallity the Hidden Side no one sees my Kind and Shy side

Cutiemark: Crescent Moon Beside a Sapphire
The Sapphire is a representation of her Talent for Enchanting and the Moon is her Talent in Magic and Gem Cutting

Sapphire is my Ponysona and repersents all that i stand for and is me in every possible way