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    Just want to remind all members of the Signature and Avatar Guidelines

    You are allowed to combine images and text within your signature, granted that the following criteria are met.

    - The Maximum size of all images,when added together, must be 50k or less.
    - The dimensions of your signature images should be 300x180 (width x height) or less. This also applies to HTML tables.
    - No signature may contain more than two graphics.
    - No signature may contain more than five lines of "Normal Sized" text. This includes text that wraps from one line to the next, at any screen setting.
    - Blank lines in your signature will count towards your 3 lines of text.
    - Do not include quiz or test results in your signature.
    - Tickers are strictly prohibited.
    - All forum rules apply to signature content as well. Language, Link content, and font size must all be suitable for the board.


    Size is automatically set when you upload.

    Avatars and Signatures can be directly uploaded to the board from your computer :)
    They can also be hosted in the MLPTP Gallery if you wish.

    Visual Help:

    Signature images must fit within this blue box. It's file size must not exceed 50kb.


    If you need help resizing images, please contact a moderator or administrator. We will do our best to help you.

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