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Jun 9, 2005
NOTE: I'm not really actively buying at this time. This list is mainly for swaps and personal reference; HOWEVER, trades may be considered.

major haircuts - severely knotted/matted hair - major paint rubs - permanent marks - chew marks/holes - large age spots and/or mold - cigarette smoke odor

frizzy hair - minor hair trims (<1/2") - surface dirt - small age spots (especially if they can be hidden) - broken neck seals - writing/initials on feet

I promise I'm not too difficult. I'm happy with any nice-looking pony.
:starshine: I LOVE MERCHANDISE AND ARTWORK, and Blossom and Starshine are my earliest Pony memories. :blossom:

For a complete list of G1 PONIES I am looking for, visit my
MLP Merch account. WARNING: Takes a LONG time to load.

G1 Pony Want List (Short List) - Set Completers in Red

Year Three

Curly-haired Applejack
Curly-haired Bow-tie
Curly-haired Firefly
Curly-haired Medley
High Tide
Sand Dollar
Sea Breeze
Sea Mist
Wave Jumper
Baby Sea Shimmer
Baby Surf Rider

Year Four
So-Soft Fifi
So-Soft Gusty
So-Soft Surprise

Megan (So-Soft)
Baby Celebrate (Sea Pony)
Yum Yum (Flutter)

Year Five
Baby Fifi
Baby Tic-Tac-Toe

Baby Dibbles
Chumster Bushwoolie
Wishful Bushwoolie
Cheery Bushwoolie
Princess Starburst
Eager Bushwoolie
Bright Eyes

Year Six

Pretty Vision
Tall Tales
Woosie (Aqua/green release)

Cloud Dreamer
High Flyer
Sky Dancer
Night Glider
Yum Yum (Twice-as-Fancy)

Year Seven
Daddy Apple Delight
Mommy Apple Delight
Baby Apple Delight (US release)
Baby Apple Delight (International release)
Daddy Bright Bouquet
Baby Bright Bouquet (US release)
Baby Bright Bouquet (International release)
Baby Sweet Celebrations (International release)

Megan (TAF)
Baby Squirmy
Baby Tappy
Baby Wiggles
Sand Digger
Wave Runner

Year Eight
Baby Cuddles (Drink 'n Wet)
Baby Rainfeather (Drink 'n Wet)
Pony Bride
Hula Hula

Pina Colada
Tootie Tails

Year Nine
Bunny Hop
Li'l Pocket

Year 10
Baby Pearly
Baby Sea Princess
Baby Sea Shimmer (Fancy Mermaid)
Love Petal
Sweet Blossom
Baby Beach Ball
Baby Pineapple

Playset Ponies
Twinkles the cat
Lemon Drop
Brandy the dog
Duck Soup the duck
Spike the dragon
BBE Baby Cuddles
Baby Crumpet
Baby Blue Ribbon

Mail Order Ponies
Pearly Baby Blossom
Pearly Baby Firefly
Pearly Baby Glory
Pearly Baby Surprise
Baby Half Note
Lemon Drop
Sprinkles (pink)

Playset Parts & Accessories

Pretty Parlor
Pretty Parlor shell
Pink heart brush
Pink standard comb
Purple bridle
Yellow ribbon
Green ribbon
All name tags
White hat rack
White tack hooks

Show Stable
Show Stable shell
All flags
All prize ribbons
Pink felt blanket
All tropies
White jump posts and yellow crossrail
White A jump
Yellow heart brush
Purple comb
Purple ribbon

Dream Castle
Two hair ribbons
Yellow shooting star brush

Lullaby Nursery
Blue bowl
Pink dresser
Blue mirror
Blue mobile/pink animals
Pink plush bear
Blue bathtub
Pink mobile/blue animals
Pink mirror
Blue shelf

Baby Bonnet School of Dance
Blue butterfly brush
4 pink legwarmers
4 marquee posters

Pony Purses
Pink purse

Paradise Estate
2 bottles
2 spoons
2 forks
2 knives
2 glasses
1 dish
5 awnings
6 interior doors
2 white hearts for canopy

Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe
Purple comb
2 sundaes
3 floats
2 chairs
Round table
Yellow counter
4 Light fixtures

Perm Shoppe
Pink tray
Pink bow barrette
Mint flower barrette
Mint sink
Pink sink counter
Fifi’s Fashion Foam
3 eyeshadow applicators
2 purple ribbons
Pink smock
Mint supply cart

Poof ‘n Puff Perfume Palace
Pink mesh ribbon
Yellow mesh ribbon
Pink flower barrette
Orange beaded necklace
Pink beaded necklace
Flower stickers

Rock-a-Bye Bed
1 pink slipper

Scrub-a-Dub Tub
Blue star sponge
Six curtain hooks

Sweet Dreams Crib
Yellow mobile post
Elastic band for rattle

Princess Baby Buggy
Purple star barrette
Pink metallic ribbon
Pink spoon

Petite Ponies
Ponytail Pink Earth - aqua hair - lavender bow - brush & comb symbol

Li'l Litters
Purple Labrador puppy
Purple Labrador puppy w/white chest
Yellow Cottontail baby bunny
Blue Cottontail bunny

Pony Wear
Great Skates

White headband

Parade Pizzazz

Pony Royal

Pom Pom Pony
MLP pennant

MOC/MIB - English/American Packaging
FF Snuzzle
CF Blossom
Megan & Sundance
Baby Glory
So-Soft Buttons
So-Soft Paradise
So-Soft Scrumptious
So-Soft Twist
Baby North Star
Babies Rattles & Tattles
Dancing Butterflies
Milky Way
Up, Up, and Away
Braided Beauty
Twisty Tail
Woosie (lavender)
Mirror Mirror
Princess Sunbeam
Lady Flutter
Watercolor Baby Sea Pony Seashore
Baby Bows
Baby Starburst
Merry-Go-Round Sparkler
Baby Yo-Yo
Baby Countdown
Baby Drummer
Twinkler (store version)
Fancy Flower
Drink 'n Wet Baby Snookums
Baby Starbow
Little Giggles
Birthday Pony
Bridal Beauty
Ponytail Petites blue earth/yellow tail/mirror symbol, white earth/pink tail/brush and comb symbol, gold earth/purple curly tail/clock symbol, & pink pegasus/magenta tail/pizza symbol
Petite Ponies Happy Hearts Cottage
Li'l Litters Sweet Spaniel
Li'l Litters Dreamy Siamese
Hasbro Softies Posey (with tag/brush)
Non-BBE Baby Cuddles/Baby Buggy
Paradise Estate
Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace
Rock-a-Bye Bed
Scrub-a-Dub Tub
Sweet Dreams Crib
Princess Baby Buggy
Baby Ember (purple)
Mommy Charm Funny Face
Pony Wear Parade Pizzazz
Pony Wear Pony Royal
Pony Wear Neon Lights
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Jun 9, 2005
G3 Wants
G3s are preferred MIB/MIP unless otherwise specified, mainly because I keep certain parts of the packages.
Foreign exclusives in blue.

Core 7, Pose 1 (the "Clone") - Fizzy Pop - Heather Winds - January Carnation - Kimono I - Rarity - Seaspray - StarSong ("Clone" with wings) - Sunny Daze I - Sweet Breeze - Sweetberry I (the "Diva") - Sweetie Belle ("Clone" with a horn) - Tangerine Twinkle - Whistle Wishes

Any “First 50” ponies EXCEPT Kimono
Licensing Show Pinkie Pie

Bonus 30 stickers from single ponies
Sparkleworks II w/ reversed cutie mark
Ponyville Tea Party w/ Beebop, Skywishes, Triple Treat, and Sunset Sweety
Pinkie Pie Perfect Hair Set
Any Australian jumbo plushies
Large plush Toola Roola
Large plush Sweetsong
Australian Red Rooster plushies
Any “First 50” ponies EXCEPT Peachy Pie

Baby Hula Lula’s sarong (Euro)
Baby Sandy Island’s skirt (Euro)
Baby Surf Star’s hat (Euro)

Pinkie Pie III in Easter egg
Butterscotch in Easter egg
Rainbowberry (MIB only)
Petal Blossom accessory set
Beach Belle and Caribbean Delight
Musical Wishes Jewelry Box w/ Skywishes
Giant Frilly Frocks plush
Any Australian jumbo plushies
Any Mexican Sonric’s Candy bonus ponies

Any “First 50” ponies

Pretty Parasol
Cute Curtsey
Petite Petunia
Rainbow Treat
Royal Beauty
Rose Garden Breezie (Euro)
Lady Slipper Breezie (Euro)
Snippity Snap Breezie (Euro)

Styling Pony Pinkie Pie
Styling Pony Rarity w/ bonus acc.
Styling Pony Cheerilee w/ bonus acc.
Baby Northern Lights brush & backcard
Baby Winter Ice
Licensing Show Rarity
JC Penney set with Avon ponies
Bubble Bathtime with Soakey Dokey w/ bonus acc.
Yarn-haired Cotton Candy plush
Yarn-haired Rainbow Swirl plush
Small yarn-haired plushies, all poses - Merriweather, Shenanigans, Strawberry Swirl, and Toola Roola
Any Taco Bueno/Church’s Chicken meal prize ponies
Any Mexican Nestle Chiqui Sopresa ponies
Any Mexican ponies - Sweet Dreams bedroom, kitchen, scooter, Royal Bouquet, Rarity, Desert Rose, & Minty

Trolley (2006 MLP Fair)
World’s Biggest Tea Party MLP Live Sharing Tea with Pinkie Pie and Minty

Breezies Parade w/ Zippy Zinnia, Darling Dayflower, & Purple Petunia
Breezies Parade w/ Dancing Daffodil, Pink Petals, & Orange Flower
Princess Royal Spa
TRU 4-pack w/ Tropical Delight II, Magic Marigold II, Gardenia Glow II, & Bowtie
Decorating Star Catcher
Ice Cream Dream Supreme Truck w/ Rainbow Swirl III
Sing and Dance Pinkie Pie
Serendipity II in Easter egg
Twirly Twinkle Twirl
Minty VI w/ A Very Minty Christmas DVD
Princess Promenade w/ Wysteria IV and Zipzee II and The Princess Promenade DVD
Any Australian jumbo plushies

Strawberry Swirl II w/ sombrero
Triple Treat II w/ crown
Tropical Surprise II (green skirt, yellow lei)
Trpical Surprise II (yellow skirt, green lei)
Rainbow Dash IV
Starsong w/ pinwheel
Sweetie Belle w/ basket
Fashion Fun w/ Rainbow Dash IV
Pinkie Pie VII w/ party hat
Scootaloo II w/ cowgirl hat
Toola Roola w/ beret
Scootaloo II w/ surfboard
Cheerilee II (Make-Up)
Pinkie Pie II (Make-Up)
Rainbow Dash IV (Make-Up)
Scootaloo III (Make-Up)
Starsong (Make-Up)
Sweetie Belle (Make-Up)
Toola Roola II (Make-Up)
Cheerilee (Name)
Pinkie Pie’s Special Day w/ Pinkie Pie VII
TRU Pinkie Pie & Sweetie Belle Dress- Up
Go to School w/ Cheerilee
Pinkie Pie’s Party w/ Pinkie Pie VII and bonus outfit
Arts & Crafts w/ Toola Roola
Dance Time w/ Rainbow Dash
Sweetie Belle’s Night Time Party
Ride ‘N Go Scootaloo
Read Along w/ Rainbow Dash
RC Scootaloo on the Go!
Sweetie Belle in Easter egg

Rainbow Bubbles
Snowdrop Swirl

Ragdoll Cheerilee
Ragdoll Pinkie Pie
Ragdoll Rainbow Dash
NY Toy Fair 25th Anniversary Press Pack w/ Cotton Candy & Pinkie Pie
Dancin’ Fun w/ Starsong
Rainbow Dash’s Special Day
Starsong and the Magic Dance Shoes

Cheerilee w/ cowgirl hat
Pinkie Pie w/ tiara
Rainbow Dash w/ purse
Scootaloo w/ tennis racquet
Starsong w/ radio
Sweetie Belle w/ lollipop
Scootaloo w/ palette
Pinkie Pie VII in Easter egg
Core 7 3.5 Cheerilee
Core 7 3.5 Pinkie Pie
Core 7 3.5 Rainbow Dash
Core 7 3.5 Scootaloo
Core 7 3.5 StarSong
Core 7 3.5 Sweetie Belle
Core 7 3.5 Toola-Roola
Core 7 3.5 Pinkie Pie’s Dress Up
Core 7 3.5 Scootaloo’s Dress Up
Core 7 3.5 Cheerilee’s Hairstyles
Core 7 3.5 Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash
Core 7 3.5 Positively Pink DVD w/ Pinkie Pie
Core 7 3.5 RC Scootaloo on the Go!
Core 7 3.5 Sparkly Name Cheerilee
Core 7 3.5 Sparkly Name Pinkie Pie
Core 7 3.5 Sparkly Name Rainbow Dash
Core 7 3.5 Sparkly Name Scootaloo
Core 7 3.5 Sparkly Name StarSong
Core 7 3.5 Styling Pinkie Pie
Core 7 3.5 Super Long Hair Cheerilee
Core 7 3.5 Super Long Hair Rainbow Dash
Core 7 3.5 Winter Sweetie Belle
Newborn Cuties Cheerilee
Newborn Cuties Pinkie Pie
Newborn Cuties Rainbow Dash
Newborn Cuties Toola-Roola
Newborn Cuties 2-pack Cheerilee & Scootaloo
Newborn Cuties Bubble Time w/ Cheerilee - pony, sponge and tub ONLY
Newborn Cuties Bubble Time w/ Toola-Roola
Newborn Cuties Feeding Time w/ Pinkie Pie
Newborn Cuties Feeding Time w/ Scootaloo
Newborn Cuties Nap Time w/ Cheerilee
Newborn Cuties Scootaloo’s Party
Newborn Cuties Strolling Along w/ Sweetie Belle - EXCEPT hat and diaper bag
Newborn Cuties Potty Time w/ StarSong
Newborn Cuties Family Convertible w/ Pinkie Pie’s Mom and Pinkie Pie
Newborn Cuties Shopping Day with Mom w/ Rainbow Dash’s Mom and Rainbow Dash
Newborn Cuties Little Rainbow Dash’s Room w/ bonus Cheerilee & acc.
Newborn Cuties Pinkie Pie’s Playhouse w/ bonus Rainbow Dash and StarSong and acc. - ONLY Rainbow Dash, Star Song, and all accessories EXCEPT swing
Dollymix Cheerilee
Dollymix Pinkie Pie
Dollymix Rainbow Dash’s comb
Dollymix Scootaloo
Dollymix StarSong
Dollymix Sweetie Belle’s comb
Dollymix Toola-Roola

Core 7 3.5 Cheerilee w/ skirt
Core 7 3.5 Pinkie Pie w/ skirt
Core 7 3.Rainbow Dash w/ skirt
Core 7 3.5 Scootaloo w/ skirt
Core 7 3.5 StarSong w/ skirt
Core 7 3.5 Sweetie Belle w/ skirt
Core 7 3.5 Toola-Roola w/ skirt
Core 7 3.5 Lots of Styles StarSong w/ bonus Pinkie Pie
Hat Box set w/ Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, StarSong, & Sweetie Belle
Core 7 3.5 Pinkie Pie sleepover set
Core 7 3.5 Sweetie Belle baking set
Core 7 3.5 RC Rainbow Dash Plane
Newborn Cuties Sister’s Day Out w/ Cheerilee’s & Scootaloo’s Mom, Cheerilee, & Scootaloo
Core 7 3.5 Spring Pinkie Pie
Sweet Sounds Hairbrush w/ Pinkie Pie
Core 7 3.5 TAF Cheerilee
Core 7 3.5 TAF Pinkie Pie
Core 7 3.5 TAF Rainbow Dash
Core 7 3.5 TAF Scootaloo
Core 7 3.5 TAF StarSong
Core 7 3.5 TAF Sweetie Belle
Core 7 3.5 TAF Toola-Roola
Core 7 3.5 Valentine Pinkie Pie
Core 7 3.5 Valentine Sweetie Belle
San Diego Comic Con AQUA-haired variant exclusive Graffiti
Ribbons and Hearts prototype breast cancer awareness pony
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Jun 9, 2005
Christmas Ornaments



Glittery Pinkie Pie with castle - Glittery Twinkle Twirl with flowers and butterflies (Also released in 2007; images from halicabi,, and TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
images.jpg img_688656465_1365232115.jpg 1299369.jpeg

Pinkie Pie in purple hot-air balloon blow glass (Center ornament; I have the other two; image from halicabi)

download (3).jpg
Plush Pinkie Pie (Image from
Minty bulb with candy inside - Pinkie Pie bulb with candy inside - (I have the Wysteria bulb; image from TraderTif)
Cherry Blossom with snowman - Rainbow Dash with tree (Image from Amazon)
Sweet Breeze with purple hat and red birds (Image from eBay)
Cherry Blossom in aqua-colored winter wear (I cannot find an image of this ornament anywhere!!!)

Sweet Breeze with gifts and Sweet Breeze with candy cane two-pack hand blown glass (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)

Skywishes on skis (I do not need the mini ornament; image from theponiesiownies on tumblr)
Minty on ice skates - Kimono on skis (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
Sunny Daze on sled with teddy bear - Pinkie Pie on snowboard (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)

Star Swirl on ice skates (I do not need the mini ornament; image from theponiesiownies on tumblr)
Australian Star Surprise bulb (Image from TraderTif)
Rereleased mini tree w/star topper and star/bulb ornaments (Image from

Rainbow Dash on snowflake - Star Catcher on blue star (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
Wysteria in gift box - Fluttershy under purple gazebo (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)

Twinkle Twirl with drum - Fluttershy with candle (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
Resin Pinkie Pie in wreath - Hand-blown glass Pinkie Pie in wreath (Images from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
07-xmas-pinkiepie-ornament2.jpg 07-xmas-glass-ornament.jpg
Resin Star Catcher with harp - Hand-blown glass Star Catcher with harp (Images from Google search and TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
download (2).jpg 07-xmas-glass-ornament2.jpg
Minty in stocking (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
Fluttershy in pink oval-shaped ribbon frame - Rainbow Dash sitting under rainbow (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)


Cheerilee with snowman - Rainbow Dash placing star atop tree (Image from Google search)
Hand-blown glass Pinkie Pie in purple evening gown with silver crown (May or may not be a resin version, which I also want; image from
Rainbow Dash with mirror, wearing tiara (May also be a blown-glass version, which I also want; image from eBay)
download (4).jpg
Sweetie Belle with cookie jar (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
Pinkie Pie with stocking (Image from eBay)

Rainbow Dash looking up (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)
Cheerilee, Pinkie Pie, StarSong, Toola Roola, and Rainbow Dash Mini Set (Image from Google search)

Pinkie Pie with red/white scarf & earmuffs (Image from TraderTif/MyLittleWiki)


Pinkie Pie with blue/green hat & scarf (Image from eBay)





Pinkie Pie holding peppermint candy (Image from eBay)
Pinkie Pie holding hot cocoa mug (Image from eBay)
Pinkie Pie with candy (Image from Pinterest)

Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash Bulb (Image from eBay)
s-l1600 (4).jpg
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Sweetie Belle, and DJ Pon-3 Bulb Set (Image from eBay)
Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle Mini Set (Image from Google search)
s-l1600 (1).jpg
Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie Mini Set (Image from eBay)
s-l1600 (2).jpg
Hand-blown glass Rarity in scarf and Santa hat( Image from Overstock)

Pinkie Pie wearing scarf (Image from eBay)
Twilight Sparkle in stocking (Image from eBay)
s-l500 (1).jpg
Applejack in hat (Image from MLPMerch)
Fluttershy in hat - Pinkie Pie in hat (Image from eBay)
Rainbow Dash (Image from MLPMerch)


Twilight Sparkle in earmuffs (Image from eBay)
s-l1600 (3).jpg

Rainbow Dash in Santa hat (Image from Pinterest)
Twilight Sparkle in Santa hat (Image from MLPMerch)


Fluttershy with antlers (Image from MLPMerch)
Pinkie Pie in Santa hat with candy cane (Image from MLPMerch)

Twilight Sparkle on glitter blue circle w/snowflake charm - Rainbow Dash on glitter blue circle w/snowflake charm - Pinkie Pie on Glittery Pink Heart with flower charm - Rainbow Dash with clouds - Twilight Sparkle on glitter heart w/heart charm (I have the top right Pinkie Pie; image from eBay)
Department 56 Collector Ponies (Images from Google search)

Pinkie Pie giggling (Image from Target)

Rainbow Dash w/front legs crossed (Image from Amazon)

Songbird Serenade (Image from Amazon)

Hallmark Itty Bitty Pinkie Pie (Image from Amazon)

Hallmark Twilight Sparkle (Image from eBay)

Rainbow Dash (found at Walmart)

Dates Unknown
Fluttershy lights (Image from YouTube)

Rarity w/front leg raised

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Jun 9, 2005

Meet for Ice Cream with Triple Treat
Sharing Sweets with Fluttershy
Swing Along with Sunny Daze
Tea with Pinkie Pie
Fancy Fashions Boutique
Pinkie Pie's Balloon House w/Pinkie Pie and Blossomforth
Pinkie Pie's Balloon House bonus Fair Weather and Magic Marigold w/scooter
Pinkie Pie's Balloon House bonus playmat
Sweet Shoppe w/Sweetberry
Teapot Palace w/Sparkleworks
Teapot Palace bonus Rainbow Dash, Wysteria, Fluttershy w/accessories
Teapot Palace bonus Daisyjo, Desert Rose, Rainbow Dash, and Triple Treat
Deliver Goodies with Skywishes and Tink-a-Tink-a-Too
Fancy Fashions with Desert Rose and Sew-and-So
Scootin' Along with Scooter Sprite and Daisyjo
Teacup Parade with Cupcake and Strawberry Swirl

Popcorn Cart with Cheerilee
Roller Skating Party with Pinkie Pie
Scoot Along with Scootaloo
Scootaloo Dressed Like a Clown
Tea with Rainbow Dash
Time to Bake with Cheerilee
Treats with Toola Roola
Hot Chocolate Café
StarSong's Stageshow Bus
Sweet Sundae Amusement Park w/Sweetie Belle
Bumper Cars with Sweetie Belle and Royal Bouquet
Bumper Cars with Pinkie Pie and StarSong
On Stage with Rainbow Dash and Toola Roola
Rain or Shine with Merriweather and Shenanigans
Snacks with Cheerilee and Scootaloo
Deliver Goodies with Cheerilee and Sweetie Belle
Adventure Game
Carry Bag
Carry Case
Easter Eggs

Advent calendar
Cheerilee with wings
Cook with Cheerilee
A Day in the Park with Pinkie Pie
Celebrate with Pinkie Pie
Get Pinkie Pie Ready for Bed
Pinkie Pie with ice cream cart
Pinkie Pie with balloon
Pinkie Pie Puzzle
Let's Bake with Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash party
Rainbow Dash princess dress up (chest and frog)
Rainbow Dash with pinwheel
Rollerskating with Scootaloo
Scootaloo gymnastics set
Singing and Dancing Fun with StarSong
StarSong with bunny
StarSong with keyboard and guitar
Help StarSong Get Pretty
A Day in the Garden with Sweetie Belle
Read with Sweetie Belle
Serve Snacks with Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle with popcorn cart
Paint with Toola Roola
Ice Cream Shake Diner
La-Ti-Da Hair & Spa
Supermarket Store with Pinkie Pie
Sweetie Belle's Gumball House
Twirlin' Runway Styles with Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie, StarSong, & Scootaloo 3-pack
Cheerleader Fun with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
Hairstyles in a Snap with Rainbow Dash and Toola Roola
Pizza Night with Cheerilee and StarSong
Scootin' Along with Pinkie Pie and StarSong
Scootin' Along with Scootaloo and Toola Roola
Snacks with Cheerilee and Scootaloo
Celebrate Spring with Cheerilee and Toola Roola
Hairstyles in a Snap with Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, and StarSong

Mermaid Cheerilee
Mermaid Pinkie Pie
Ice Cream Stand Pinkie Pie
Mermaid Rainbow Dash
Riding Fun Toola Roola
Celebrate Spring with Cheerilee and Rainbow Dash
Teacups & Treats with Sweetie Belle and Toola Roola
Get Pretty Beauty Set with Scootaloo and Cheerilee
Cooking Party with Cheerilee and StarSong
Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle's Tricycle
Valentine's Day Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie

Ferris Wheel with Pinkie Pie
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Jun 9, 2005
G4 Wants

Applejack, no forelock
Fluttershy, light pink hair
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash, no forelock
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle, no forelock
Fashion Style Applejack
Fashion Style Fluttershy
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
Fashion Style Rarity
Rainbow Dash's Camping Trip
Talking Princess Celestia, pink
So-Soft Newborn Sweetie Belle

Daisy Dreams (2-pack w/Fluttershy)
Rainbow Flash (2-pack w/Rainbow Dash)
Cheerilee, no forelock
Shine Bright Pinkie Pie
Shine Bright Rainbow Dash
Glimmer Wings Ploomette
Glimmer WIngs Rarity
Riding Along Rainbow Dash, no forelock
Royal Castle Friends set (Celestia, Twilight, & Spike)
Blossomforth, forelock
Fun at the Fair w/Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle
Fun at the Fair w/Apple Bloom and Scootaloo
Sweet Slumbers w/Applejack and Star Dreams
Afternoon Picnic w/Cheerilee
Rarity's Carousel Boutique w/Rarity and Sweetie Swirl BONUS PACK
Star Swirl (bonus from Rarity's Gem Carriage)
Ponyville Schoolhouse w/Cheerilee, forelock
Ponyville Schoolhouse w/Cheerilee, no forelock
Applejack's Farm Truck, forelock
Applejack's Farm Truck, no forelock
Friendship Express Train w/Pinkie Pie
Fluttershy's Train Car
Sweetie Belle's Train Car
Pinkie Pie's RC Car
So-Soft Newborn Sunny Daze
So Soft Pinkie Pie Learns to Walk
Royal Ball Set (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, & Spike)

Skywishes (bonus from Riding Along Rainbow Dash)
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle
So Soft Newborn Rainbow Dash
Pony Wedding Applejack
Pony Wedding Fluttershy
Pony Wedding Pinkie Pie
Pony Wedding Rainbow Dash
Pony Wedding Rarity
Pony Wedding Twilight Sparkle
Bridle Friends Fluttershy
Bridle Friends Pinkie Pie
Bridle Friends Rarity
Bridle Friends Twilight Sparkle
Wedding Flower Fillies set (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle)
Glimmer Wings Daisy Dreams
Glimmer Wings Fluttershy
Wedding RC Car w/Twilight Sparkle
Talking Princess Cadance
Crystal Empire Applejack
Crystal Empire Fluttershy
Crystal Empire Pinkie Pie
Crystal Empire Rainbow Dash
Crystal Empire Rarity
Crystal Empire Twilight Sparkle
Crystal Empire Fluttershy w/DVD
Crystal Empire Pinkie Pie w/DVD
Crystal Empire Rainbow Dash w/DVD
Crystal Empire Twilight Sparkle w/DVD
Ploomette (2-pack w/Twilight Sparkle)
Crystal Motion Applejack
Crystal Motion Rainbow Dash
Crystal Motion Twilight Sparkle BONUS PACK
Crystal Empire Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie
Crystal Empire Princess Luna and Rarity
Crystal Jewel Salon w/Princess Cadance and Twilight Sparkle
Crystal Sparkle Bath w/Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie
Crystal Princess Ponies Collection (Cadance, Celestia, and Luna)
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
Fashion Style Princess Cadance and Shining Armor
Design-a-Pony Fluttershy
Design-a-Pony Rainbow Dash
Pony Scooter Friends Rarity & Daisy Dreams
Pony Friends Forever Princess Celestia, Pinkie Pie, & Rainbow Dash
All Around Town Train w/Apple Bloom, Rainbow Dash, & Twilight Sparkle
Favorites Collection 1 (DJ Pon-3, Flower Wishes, Lemony Gem, Nightmare Moon, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, & Trixie Lulamoon)

Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection (Apple Bloom, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, Silver Spoon, Star Dreams, Sweetie Belle, & Twist)
Walkin' Talkin' Pinkie Pie
Twinkling Balloon w/Rarity and Daisy Dreams
Midnight in Canterlot Collection (Dewdrop Dazzle, Fluttershy, Minty, Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, & Rarity)
So Soft Newborn Apple Sprout
So Soft Newborn Princess Skyla
Littlest So Soft Cotton Belle
Littlest So Soft Lullaby Moon
Littlest So Soft Pinkie Pie
So Soft Tickle 'n Gigglin' Lily
Masquerade Applejack
Masquerade Fluttershy
Masquerade Pinkie Pie
Masquerade Rainbow Dash
Masquerade Rarity
Crystal Motion Fluttershy
Crystal Motion Pinkie Pie
Crystal Motion Rarity
Crystal Princess Celebration Princess Cadance & Applejack
Crystal Princess Celebration Princess Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash
Princess Celebration Car (Rarity, Spike, & Princess Twilight Sparkle)
Design-a-Pony Princess Luna
Fashion Style Princess Cadance
Fashion Style Princess Twilight Sparkle
Princess Celebration Bakery w/Mrs. Dazzle Cake and Twirly Treats
Talking Princess Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Power Applejack
Rainbow Power Fluttershy
Rainbow Power Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Power Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Power Rarity
Rainbow Power Twilight Sparkle
Fantastic Flutters Princess Cadance
Fantastic Flutters Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Rarity
Styling Strands Fluttershy
Fashion Style Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle
Favorites Collection 2 (Muffins, Diamond Dazzle Tiara, Lyra Heartstrings, Lyrica Lilac, Princess Cadance, Queen Chrysalis, & Shining Armor)
Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash
Talking Nightmare Moon
Through the Mirror Sunset Shimmer
Through the Mirror Twilight Sparkle & Spike
Through the Mirror Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie's Boutique Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie's Boutique Wysteria
Pinkie Pie's Boutique Pinkie Pie Purse Set
Pinkie Pie's Boutique Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie's Boutique Pony Car
Chinese New Year Pinkie Pie

Styling Size Applejack
Styling Size Fluttershy
Styling Size Pinkie Pie
Styling Size Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Power Cheerilee
Rainbow Power Fluttershy
Rainbow Power Holly Dash
Rainbow Power Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Power Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Power Rarity
Fluttershy and Sea Breezie
Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Breezie
Zoom 'n Go Pinkie Pie
Zoom 'n Go Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Shimmer Princess Cadance
Rainbow Shimmer Princess Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Applejack
Fashion Style Daisy Dreams
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
Styling Strands Rarity
Design-a-Pony Princess Cadance
Design-a-Pony Fluttershy
Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Power Nurse Redheart
Spa Pony Set (Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Star Dreams)
Rainbow Power Train Set w/Fluttershy
Rainbow Helicopter w/Pinkie Pie
Styling Size Rainbow Princess Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Princess Celestia & Twilight Sparkle
Cutie Mark Magic Applejack
Cutie Mark Magic Flower Wishes
Cutie Mark Magic Fluttershy
Cutie Mark Magic Pinkie Pie
Cutie Mark Magic Rainbow Dash
Cutie Mark Magic Sunset Shimmer
Cutie Mark Magic Sweetie Drops
Cutie Mark Magic Twilight Sparkle
Water Cuties Diamond Mint
Water Cuties Rarity
Charm Wings Fluttershy
Charm Wings Honey Rays
Charm Wings Rainbow Dash
Fashion Style Princess Cadance
Fashion Style Sunset Shimmer
Charm Carriage w/Twilight Sparkle
Glamour Glow Rarity
Ponymania Collection (Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, & Twilight Sparkle)
Photo Finish
Talking Queen Chrysalis
Through the Mirror Fashion Style Princess Celestia
Through the Mirror Fashion Style Princess Luna
Design-a-Pony Scootaloo

Styling Size Princess Cadance
Styling Size Princess Celestia
Styling Size Rainbow Dash
Styling Size Twilight Sparkle
Magic Ribbon Hair Applejack
Magic Ribbon Hair Fluttershy
Magic Ribbon Hair Pinkie Pie
Magic Ribbon Hair Rainbow Dash
Magic Ribbon Hair Rarity
Magic Ribbon Hair Starlight Glimmer
Magic Ribbon Hair Twilight Sparkle
Magic Ribbon Hair Nurse Redheart
Water Cuties Blossomforth
Water Cuties Lily Blossom
Water Cuties Rainbow Dash
Friendship Flutters Buttonbelle & Breezies
Friendship Flutters Rarity & Breezies
Friendship Flutters Trixie Lulamoon & Breezies
Cutie Mark Magic Pinkie Pie & Scootaloo
Playtime Fun Play Set (Cheerilee, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash)
Fashion Style Coco Pommel
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
Fashion Style Rarity
Roller Skater Rainbow Dash
RC Scooter Pinkie Pie
Glowing Hearts Princess Cadance
Rarity Booktique
Canterlot Castle Playset w/Princess Celestia and Spike
Rolling Sweets Car w/Pinkie Pie, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle
Camping Set w/Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Scootaloo
Pony Collection (Applejack, Cheerilee, Fluttershy, Lyra Heartstrings, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity)
Friendship Rainbow Kingdom w/Twilight Sparkle
Explore Equestria Applejack
Explore Equestria Fluttershy
Explore Equestria Pinkie Pie
Explore Equestria Rainbow Dash
Explore Equestria Rarity
Explore Equestria Starlight Glimmer
Explore Equestria Twilight Sparkle
Water Cuties Applejack
Water Cuties Flower Wishes
Shimmer Flutters Princess Celestia
Shimmer Flutters Twilight Sparkle
Runway Show Coco Pommel
Sightseeing Rainbow Dash
Reading Café Twilight Sparkle
Applebucking Applejack
Flower Picking Fluttershy
Winning Kick Rainbow Dash
Row & Ride Swan Boat w/Pinkie Pie
Fluttershy's Cottage
Rarity's Dress Shop
Cutie Twisty-Do Applejack
Cutie Twisty-Do Pinkie Pie
Pony Mania Friendship Blossom Collection (Helia, Lily Valley, Lotus Blossom, Princess Cadance, Roseluck, & Sunshine Petals)
Maud Rock Pie
Fashion Style Daring Do Dazzle
Pony Mania Talking Princess Celestia
Power Ponies Applejack
Power Ponies Pinkie Pie
Power Ponies Rainbow Dash
Power Ponies Rarity
Power Ponies Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, & Spike
Power Ponies Mane-iac Mayhem

Power Ponies Fashion Style Pack (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, & Twilight Sparkle)

Pearlized Applejack
Pearlized Coloratura
Pearlized Fluttershy
Pearlized Pinkie Pie
Pearlized Starlight Glimmer
Painting Applejack
Teaching Cheerilee
Picnic Fluttershy
Cheering Pinkie Pie
Dressmaking Rarity
Ice Skating Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie's Donut Shop
Rainbow Dash's Cloudominium
Magical Scenes Fluttershy
Magical Scenes Pinkie Pie
Magical Scenes Rainbow Dash
Magical Scenes Rarity
Crystal Empire Playset BONUS PACK
Friendship Express Train w/Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Sapphire Shores
Fashion Style Starlight Glimmer
Fashion Style Photo Finish
Fashion Style Royal Ribbon
Action Friends Fluttershy
Action Friends Pinkie Pie
Action Friends Rarity
Action Friends Twilight Sparkle
Sparkle Bright Princess Cadance
Sparkle Bright Princess Celestia
Sparkle Bright Princess Luna
Sparkle Bright Princess Twilight Sparkle
So Soft Baby Flurry Heart
Elements of Friendship Applejack Doll & Pony
Elements of Friendship Rainbow Dash Doll & Pony
Elements of Friendship Fluttershy
Elements of Friendship Pinkie Pie
Elements of Friendship Rarity
Wonderbolts Fashion Style Pack (Muffins, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Soarin, & Spitfire)

Lyra Heartstrings
Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
On-the-Go Purse Applejack
On-the-Go Purse Rarity
On-the-Go Purse Twilight Sparkle
Royal Spin-Along Chariot Fluttershy
Royal Spin-Along Chariot Rainbow Dash
Twisty Twirly Hair Applejack
Twisty Twirly Hair Pinkie Pie
Twisty Twirly Hair Rarity
Runway Fashion Fluttershy
Runway Fashion Rainbow Dash
Runway Fashion Twilight Sparkle
Runway Fashion Playset w/Rarity
Nurturing Friends (Celestia, Fluttershy, & Philomena)
Royal Friendships (Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, & Spike)
Family Moments (Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, & Baby Flurry Heart)
All About DJ Pon-3
All About Fluttershy (standing)
All About Pinkie Pie (showing)
All About Rainbow Dash (standing)
All About Starlight Glimmer
All About Cheerilee
All About Pinkie Pie (curious)
All About Rainbow Dash (showing)
All About Fluttershy (Princess Twilight pose)
All About Photo Finish
All About Rarity
Runway Fashion Pinkie Pie
Runway Fashion Rarity
Runway Fashion Starlight Glimmer
Fashion Style Applejack
Fashion Style Fluttershy
Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
Fashion Style Rainbow Dash
Fashion Style Rarity
Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle
Friendship Duet Twilight Sparkle & Spike
Canterlot Spa w/Twilight Sparkle
Shining Friends Applejack
Shining Friends Pinkie Pie
Shining Friends Rainbow Dash
Shining Friends Twilight Sparkle
Friendship Moments Twilight Sparkle & Princess Skystar
Sweet Celebrations Pinkie Pie & Princess Luna
Friendship Lessons Twilight Sparkle & Spike
Seapony Applejack
Seapony Fluttershy
Seapony Pinkie Pie
Seapony Rainbow Dash
Seapony Rarity
Seapony Twilight Sparkle
Land & Sea Fashion Fluttershy
Land & Sea Fashion Pinkie Pie
Land & Sea Fashion Rainbow Dash
Glitter & Style Seapony Fluttershy
Glitter & Style Seapony Princess Skystar
Glitter & Style Seapony Twilight Sparkle
Glitter & Style Seapony Pinkie Pie
Glitter & Style Seapony Rainbow Dash
Glitter & Style Seapony Rarity
Undersea Café Pinkie Pie
Undersea Sports Rainbow Dash
Baby Hippogriff Flash Feather
Baby Hippogriff Flutter Cloud
Seapony Collection (Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Skystar)
Cutie Mark Collection (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, & Tempest Shadow)
Deco Party Rarity
My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle
Styling Pony Applejack
Styling Pony Twilight Sparkle
Friendship Festival Party Friends (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Big Mac, Coco Pommel, Muffins, DJ Pon-3, Maud Rock Pie, & Spitfire)
Festival Foes Tempest Shadow, Twilight Sparkle, & Spike
Princess Parade Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, & Princess Cadance
Mare-y Go Round w/Pinkie Pie & Rarity
Flip & Whirl Pirate Rainbow Dash

Land & Sea Snap-On Fashion Fluttershy
Land & Sea Snap-On Fashion Pinkie Pie
Land & Sea Snap-On Fashion Rainbow Dash
Sparkling & Spinning Skirt Pinkie Pie
Sparkling & Spinning Skirt Rarity
Sparkling & Spinning Skirt Songbird Serenade
Glitter Celebration Princess Cadance
Glitter Celebration Princess Celestia
Purse Pet Care Fluttershy
Mirror Boutique Rarity
Lightning Glow Tempest Shadow
Seapony 6-Pack Collection (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, & Twilight Sparkle)
Trixie Lulamoon
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Glitter Celebration Princess Luna
Glitter Celebration Princess Twilight Sparkle
Show and Tell Applejack
Show and Tell Rarity
Show and Tell Starlight Glimmer
Kindness Lessons Fluttershy & Silverstream
Teamwork Lessons Rainbow Dash & Sandbar
Ultimate Equestria Collection (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Spike)
Talking Rarity
Talking Twilight Sparkle
Singing Rainbow Dash
Beats & Treats Magical Classroom w/Pinkie Pie
Magical School of Friendship w/Twilight Sparkle
School of Friendship Mane Stage (Princess Cadance, Rarity, & Baby Flurry Heart)
Friends & Foe (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, & Queen Chrysalis)
Equestria Friends (Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash)
Equestria Friends (Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle)
Royal Ponies of Equestria (Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance)
Meet the Mane 6 (Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle)
Applejack (new package)
Fluttershy (new package)
Pinkie Pie (new package)
Rainbow Dash (new package)
Rarity (new package)
Twilight Sparkle (new package)
Applejack (molded mane)
Fluttershy (molded mane)
Pinkie Pie (molded mane)
Rainbow Dash (molded mane)
Rarity (molded mane)
Twilight Sparkle (molded mane)
On-the-Go Rarity
On-the-Go Rainbow Dash
On-the-Go Twilight Sparkle
Fashion Style Princess Celestia
Fashion Style Princess Luna
Magical Salon Pinkie Pie
Magical Salon Rarity
Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle
Birthday Surprise Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, & Gummy
Birthday Surprise Princess Cadance, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, & Spike
Principal Twilight Sparkle
Pet Care Class Fluttershy & Starlight Glimmer
Best Gift Ever Mane 6 Pack
Best Gift Ever (Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, & Baby Flurry Heart)

Dress-Up Pinkie Pie
Dress-Up Rainbow Dash
Dress-Up Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Lights Fluttershy
Rainbow Lights Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Tail Surprise Applejack
Rainbow Tail Surprise Fluttershy
Rainbow Tail Surprise Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Tail Surprise Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Tail Surprise Rarity
Rainbow Tail Surprise Twilight Sparkle
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Basic Fun! Retro Releases
2019 SDCC Exclusive Majesty
G3 Applejack
G3 Fluttershy
G3 Pinkie Pie
G3 Rainbow Dash

Cutie Mark Crew
Series 1

Fin-tastic Field Trip
Star Students

Series 2
Pony Applejack
Big Mac
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
EG Rainbow Dash
EG Rarity
EG Sunset Shimmer
Seapony Twilight Sparkle
Party Performers
Party Style

Series 3
All blind packs
Championship Party
Tea Party

Series 4
All blind packs EXCEPT glitter seapony Pinkie and neon EG Twilight
Sightseeing Fun
w Day

Series 5
All blind packs
Confetti Party Countdown
Sugar Sweet Rainbow

Series 6
Al blind packs
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Dollymix Ponies
G3 Cheerilee
G3 Pinkie Pie
G3 Scootaloo
G3 Star Song
G3 Toola Roola
G1 Applejack
G1 Blossom
G1 Blue Belle
G1 Cherries Jubilee
G1 Cotton Candy
G1 Firefly
G1 Glory
G1 Gusty
G1 Heart Throb
G1 Lemon Drop
G1 Lickety-Split
G1 Mainsail
G1 Medley
G1 Minty
G1 Powder
G1 Princess Sparkle
G1 Shady
G1 Snuzzle
G1 Sundance
G1 Tic-Tac-Toe

The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls

2017 SDCC flocked Firefly
2017 SDCC pearlescent Lickety-Split
2017 SDCC glitter Lickety-Split
2017 SDCC glitter Snuzzle
Flocked Princess Sparkle
Flocked Sundance
Glitter Applejack
Glitter Princess Sparkle
Glow-in-the-dark Firefly
Glow-in-the-dark Minty
Glow-in-the-dark Princess Sparkle
Glow-in-the-dark Snuzzle
Pearlescent Club 28 Firefly
Gold Firefly