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  1. StrawberryReef

    StrawberryReef www.strawberryreef.com

    So, we are going to start doing a thread for the G3 Pony of the Day! Each day will be a new thread and a new pony and your job is to share everything you know about that pony... YOUR pictures, release types, merchandise, variant info, etc... Once we get all the info on that pony, we will move the thread to the G3 Reference Library.

    8/16/09 Today's Pony: Star Catcher
    thanks to Ponyfan for the great suggestion!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    images from My Little Pony Rereleases Encyclopedia

    Here's what we need:

    Release information (year, name, international names?):

    Exclusive Info (Store, Country, etc):

    Item/Asst Numbers:

    UPC Numbers:

    Pony Points information:

    Accessory information:

    Backcard stories:

    Pony legend says that magical, mysterious Pegasus ponies are the greatest wish-granters of all.
    If you wish for something hard enough, a Pegasus pony just might appear...
    and help you discover the power to make your dreams come true!

    With her fluttering wings and sparkling crown,
    Star Catcher is one of the most beautiful ponies anyone has ever seen.
    She loves to help her friends make their dreams come true!

    Types of releases (plush, ponyville, prize pony, tiny tin, etc):

    PICTURES (loose, mib, backcard, cutie mark, eyes, hoof heart, etc of all types):

    Other Merchandise Info & PICTURES (cards, clothing, bags, bandaids, toothbrushes, etc):

    Book Information (featured in, author, etc):

    Movie Information (featured in, voice of, etc):

    (Info from Wikipedia)

    Star Catcher has appeared in three of the My Little Pony animated features.
    She is drawn differently to the first release of her toy counterpart in that she has white wings instead of blue.
    She is voiced by Lenore Zann.

    Dancing in the Clouds

    Star Catcher first appeared in the direct-to-video animated feature Dancing in the Clouds.
    Skywishes makes an extra-special wish to help Twinkle Twirl with a complicated dance called Dancing in the Clouds.
    After chasing a kite ("Catch a kite and make a wish!"), she meets Star Catcher.
    Star Catcher takes her to the secret home of the pegasus Ponies on Butterfly Island.
    There, Star Catcher's butterflies show Sky Wishes what it's really like to "dance in the clouds".
    With the butterflies' help, Twinkle Twirl's dance is pulled off successfully.

    Friends Are Never Far Away

    Friends Are Never Far Away was released on DVD in 2005 with the My Little Pony toy Hidden Treasure.
    Apart from the meeting of Skywishes and Star Catcher, the Ponies and pegasus Ponies have never met.
    Star Catcher tries to encourage the shy pegasus Ponies to go to a party in Ponyville and meet the Ponies, but the pegasi are hesitant.
    Eventually the Ponies decide to take the party to the pegasi on Butterfly Island.
    Skywishes and Star Catcher are delighted that the different Ponies can finally meet and have fun together.


    A Very Minty Christmas

    Star Catcher is chosen to place the Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane on top of the Ponyville Christmas tree.

    Variant information (color, symbol, accessory variations, etc):

    Other interesting information:

    Anything else I forgot about....?

    Don't forget to rate this pony in the poll too!

    And to get you prepared for upcoming ponies of the day, this is who's next:

    8/17/09 - Snow'el #1 (thebeth)
    8/18/09 - Autumn Skye (halicabi)
    8/19/09 - Crowning Glory (Denim Blue)

    If you are the first person to post information (besides me), you can make a request for the next "Pony of the Day"!
    (though let's avoid Pinkie Pie for a while shall we? She might need an entire week devoted to her :))

    Thanks to everyone that contributes... with your help, this will be a very full and resourceful library for everyone.

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  2. StrawberryReef

    StrawberryReef www.strawberryreef.com

    reserved for updates...
  3. relcelestia

    relcelestia Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    i can certainly see why little girls would go nuts for this pony!!
    but shes just not my type ;)
    'shes ok"
  4. gafnorin

    gafnorin Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    I LOOOOOOOOVE Star Catcher. Except w/o that horrible red tinsel. That's awful. So I ripped it out and now she's beautiful. I loooooove her wings, they're much more robust than they look. I esp like that little cartoon (forgot what it's called) where the other ponies go and ask her for help. She's like an extra wise and magical pony and saves the day! Well, save their party, which seems to be the only reason for the core 7 to exist is to have parties. Anyway, pics:


  5. StrawberryReef

    StrawberryReef www.strawberryreef.com

    love your pics, gafnorin! They look so dreamy :sunny:

    since you were the first to post pics, you get to pick the next Pony of the Day for 8/20...
  6. halicabi

    halicabi Guest

    I need to take new photos of her. In the meantime...



    I think that's it for now. If I find anything else...


    DENIM BLUE Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    Star Catcher

    Star Catcher was the first Pegasus pony to join My Little Pony's third generation in 2004. She came with an exclusive video called Dancing in the Clouds. Something very special happened in the storyline, which implied that Pegasus ponies lived on the secret, magical Butterfly Island.
    An international version of the 2004 Star Catcher also exists, which is packaged more like a single (the box is not as wide). It has been noted that the wings on this Star Catcher are slightly smaller, presumably to fit better in the box. In 2007, Star Catcher was reissued with molded wings.

    white body with lavender decorative
    markings, iridescent blue wings
    pale pink, pale blue, and white hair

    Purple crown with pink and blue ribbons
    pink bow brush

    Cutie Mark Symbol
    heart surrounded by tiny stars

    blue/pale blue pale pink star

    Hoof Heart
    pale pink

    Backcard Story
    .Pony legend says that magical, mysterious Pegasus ponies are the greatest wish-granters of all. If you wish for something hard enough, a Pegasus pony just might appear...and help you discover the power to make your dreams come true! With her fluttering wings and sparkling crown, Star Catcher is one of the most beautiful ponies anyone has ever seen. She loves to help her friends make their dreams come true!



    DENIM BLUE Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    I Just Love Star Catcher, She`s Awsome!!!!!


    DENIM BLUE Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    there`s other variation: My Little Pony Decorating Pony - Star Catcher

  10. cannibalcow

    cannibalcow Cherry General ⚓ Moderator

    i quite like her! i have the styling one :) she's so much fun! i don't like those big flappy fabric wings, but that little one with the stars on is gorgeous. i might need her
  11. morrioghan

    morrioghan Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    I voted that she is okay. I have the last version, with the small wings, but I was wondering if anyone knows is she is supposed to be the older sister of baby honolu-loo?
  12. Ponyfan

    Ponyfan Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    I love Star Catcher! (the one with the blue wings) Here's a photo of mine.


  13. scarletmoon

    scarletmoon Bushwoolie

    I love her shes one of my favorites! I also have the normal wings (thanks paintkitty) and the Christmas ornament

  14. skig

    skig Resident Music Goddess

    I know she's on the cover of a coloring book that I have. She's also in one of those "Easy Reader" books, but they made her a "him."

    Oh, I can share my pony bed pic here too. Star Catcher is on the MLP comforter sold at KMart in the US in 2005-2006. I can't remember whether or not she's on the sheets.
  15. milkyway77

    milkyway77 zombie hunter

    ohh my younger sis loves her! she's pretty cool.:allecto:
  16. StrawberryReef

    StrawberryReef www.strawberryreef.com

    Does this count as a Star Catcher variant... :)

  17. Peppermint Truly

    Peppermint Truly Rockabilly husky tamer Staff Member Moderator

    I love her! She's very unique and special. I remember I went nuts over her when she first came out. Her color scheme, pose, and everything about her is just lovely.
  18. thebeth

    thebeth Diva Pony

    LOL!!! :allecto:
  19. StrawberryReef

    StrawberryReef www.strawberryreef.com

  20. Playful Heart

    Playful Heart Silly Monkey Friend

    She was one of the VERY first ponies I purchased at the store. I didn't buy her for me either. I got her as a gift for a little girl. I really liked her.








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