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Dec 26, 2015
My most desired pony right now is mo sparkle pony twinkler. My grail would be a custom purple rapunzel.
A little about condition. I like pretty ponies. Haircuts, cancer, chewing marks, marker except on bottoms of hooves, major symbol rubs, missing eye gems, and head/body mismatch aren't my cup of tea. A little frizz, dirt, scuffs, and light rubs are ok. They just show the pony was well loved.
I Love g1's first and foremost. I like purple, green, pink, sparkles, long hair and bright vivid color combinations. We do have some mib/moc g3 and g4. My daughter is collecting with me and she likes, erasers, colored pencils, emojis, and puppies.
Baby palm tree * major want
Baby beach ball *major want
Baby pineapple *major want
Ember with star
Princess misty
Star swirl
High flyer
Mo twinkler (sparkle pony)
Baby rainribbon
Fancy mermaid pony sea shimmer, and pearly
Diary pony *major want
Heart pony
Love story
Baby hopscotch *major want
Baby alphabet
Windy (both light and dark purple hair)
Blossom (magenta, purple hair)
Tootsie (purple hair)
Sparkler (green body, purple hair)
Moonstone (blue hair)
Lickety split (purple hair)
Starshine (curly purple hair)
Heart throb (purple body, red hair)
Tickle (purple body, white hair) * major want
Twilight (white body, red/green/yellow hair)
Peachy (yellow body, red hair)
Wind whistler
Baby butterscotch (orange body, green hair)
Baby bluebelle (purple hair)
Baby Posey (purple hair)
Baby starbow (pink body)
Summer wing sun glider
Super long hair
Beach belle
Caribbean delight
Petite petunia
Rainbow bubbles
Rainbow treat
Rainbow berry
Snowdrop swirl
Any junk mizuno, Comic-Con, or art g3 ponies
G4 brushable
Dewdrop dazzle
Silver spoon
Star dreams
Diamond dazzle tiara
Chinese New year pinkie pie
Other collections information
-Monster high dolls
Only Draculaura
Collector doll *major want*
Frights camera action dress, belt, earrings, purse
(we have the doll, shoes, and necklace)
Killer style stockings
Sweet 1600 purse
-Monster high season two minis
Fruit ghouls: draculaura
Sporty: Draculaura
Small decorative, boxes, horse/carousel/pony figurines, bowls, buttons, old glass bottles without labels, and anything schipperke related.
-Our favourite colors
Purple, purple, purple, dark green, butter yellow (think pansies). My daughter loves pink and sparkle
-Scents I do like
Lilac, almond, honey, light vanilla, gardenia, peony, sweet elisia, and honeysuckle. Any of them too strong or with a chemical background are a no.
-I always can use
Key chains, magnets, notebooks, stickers, national monument posters or other art (I like key chains and magnets of local landmarks, too), gel pens, adult coloring books, decorative pins.
Plastics (prolonged exposure), lotions, scents with any chemical, oils, perfumes, and most jewelry.
The only goodies I don't like are sour, black licorice, anything coffee even a tiny bit, and cilantro.
*I don't use
Perfumes, lotions, lip gloss, make-up of any sort, jewelry (except pins which I collect, but don't wear)
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Jan 3, 2006
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