Target Exclusives Found in Walmart

Discussion in 'MLP Discussion' started by PonyMommy, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. PonyMommy

    PonyMommy Bushwoolie

    Maybe I'm wrong but I thought the castle and the 3 packs of minis were supposed to be Target exclusive. I found a whole display of them at 2 different Walmarts today. Are these sets not Target exclusive?
  2. Pinkie

    Pinkie Banned

    I beleive the rainbow set was Target exculsive, but unsure about the others. If it's at Walmart, it's not Target exclusive! Also, you can buy them on Amazon, which may not be the case for Target exclusives. I have only known them to be on Target's website, not even HasbroToyShop, but that may have changed.
  3. DialgaBritesMom

    DialgaBritesMom I tooadally promise it'll be toooadally fun!!

    I want to say, but correct me if this is wrong, that the Target exclusives are going to be any of the "Crystal Empire" labeled ponies, such as the set of sparkle minis in a rainbow shape. And I figured out why they threw in the green boy... he turns the colors in the set into ROY G BIV... ('R' and 'V' being relative, given that they're represented by PinkiePie and Rarity lol). Kind of like they had the "Canterlot" exclusives last year.

    ETA: the blind bag sets of three are definitely not Target exclusives.
  4. Chun-Li

    Chun-Li Retired Street Fighter

    That reminds me, I should check the local walmart to see if there any new ponies being released. What I am currently doing right now is waiting impatiently for the new wave of ponies to arrive at Toys R Us
  5. SerendipityG3A

    SerendipityG3A Bushwoolie

    Just my thoughts on the matter, personally, I don't like ponies being exclusive to certain stores at all. Toys-R-Us and Target and everything but Walmart have closed in my area, so all I have any more is Walmart, and it's a lame one at that, very poor at keeping their shelves stocked. Everything they don't have I have to get second hand and substantially marked up.

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