The Pony Project 2012 -- Los Angeles, CA

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    Hi everyone! :)

    I'm sure many of us remember the past My Little Pony Project shows:



    Where the Rainbow Ends ~My Little Pony~

    [Information courtesy of]

    18" Pony Gallery
    The Pony Project - 2005 #5

    Kar Red Roses'
    The Pony Project pictures by KarRedRoses - Photobucket



    Where the Rainbow Ends ~My Little Pony~

    [Information courtesy of]

    Video from Kar Red Roses: My Little Pony Project NYC 2008 - 25 Ponies for 25 Years - YouTube

    Kar Red Roses' Gallery
    The Pony Project 2008 pictures by KarRedRoses - Photobucket

    This year, the My Little Pony Project will take place in Los Angeles, CA!


    Event page on Facebook:
    MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT 2012 Los Angeles | Facebook

    I've heard that these will, in fact, be G3 molds, despite Rarity and Pinkie Pie on the promo poster.
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  2. darcerin

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    My FIRST thought was:


    Yeah....I'm tired. :)
  3. darcerin

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    Don't know any of the names besides Blythe and Perez Hilton.

    Curious to see what they come up with this time. I wasn't a super huge fan of Junko Mizuno's work, so I'm interested in what new people can do.
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  4. Super excited to see what Spank! and 6%dokidoki have up their sleeves. I can't wait, I might just be there everyday!:tongue:
  5. MustBeJewel

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    Here are some early WIP photos from artist Miss Kika:


  6. roserebellion

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    Erin, you may like Liz's (aka "Miss Kika") work. I've been a fan of her style for years now, and am absolutely ecstatic that she was able to work on the project this year, as I recall she had wanted to be a part of previous ones. Her art style is reminiscent of Junk Mizuno's (Liz actually has one of the Mizuno ponies Hasbro put out, so she's also a fan of Mizuno's work), but it's not as dark I suppose. Stays more along the lines of sugary sweet, with a bit of sexy mischief. I can pm you the link to her site and such if you're interested. I'd post a live link here, but some of her work is more adult.

    Needless to say, I'm such a huge fan of hers. I've two of her prints framed in my room, have one of her mouse pads, and my favorite bookmark is one of hers, actually. Lol.
    EDIT: Sorry Erin, apparently I didn't read that right (was up at 6:30 this morning for work. Apparently it shows.) So you may or may not like Liz's work. It's cute, but not dark as Mizuno's stuff. I personally love Mizuno, love her style, her comics entertain me, so I was happy to see her pony as a reproduction. In any case, this at least lets others know who Miss Kika is XD
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  7. Thrice

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    OMG I live in SoCal. I could go to this!!! :angel2:
  8. Locket

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    I'm so stoked they're doing this again! Please keep us updated. Can't wait to see pics and stuff. Wish I lived closer so I could go!
  9. Mefista

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    It's not G4.I am happy.
  10. PonyRN

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    Mark Mothersbaugh was in Devo in the 80's, and has done a lot of soundtrack work. That will be an interesting one.
  11. Tikibirds

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    I never heard of any of these people
  12. Peppermint Truly

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    So excited! I'm gonna have to plan a road trip down there to see this. Anyone wanna tag along?
  13. HulkbowSMASH

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    Hold on a moment--something Ed Hardy isn't isn't customizing? This may be a first!
  14. Eighties_Otaku

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    Yes thank goodness...we don't need anymore ugly tattoo art 0_0 Can't wait to see what everyone does!
  15. MustBeJewel

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