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Ninja Kitty pony
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Jun 16, 2005
I got a sales thread and I cannot edit the posts. It says that the posts are too large to process. Is there a bypass for this or do I just need to start a new thread?

Thanks guys, you're doing wonderful jobs! I'm loving the new site.


Small brown kitty
Aug 3, 2014
Hello, I notice the thread is very image heavy and takes a while to load. There is a limit to the number of images in a thread due to load times etc.
When uploading images you will see the option of "Thumbnail" That may be easier as they take up less room and a member can click on them and see them full screen. Your thread will also be smaller.

I would start a new thread, the old thread was also imported over from the old software, so starting a nice fresh new one on this new software should also make it easier to manage for you.

I would also suggest putting the customs in their own thread, you can also place them on the customs board now using the "For sale " prefix. They can have a thread in both Marketplace for sale, and the customs. ( Its optional of course the customs board placement.) If you do place them in customs you just need to tell us a bit about them.

Let me know if you have any other issues, and best of luck with your sales.