TigerMoth draws fanart of Starcatcher, Majesty and an aeroplane


First of all here are Majesty and Starcatcher. I have a theory that these two are actually very powerful ancient beings and the reason that the G3 ponies never seem to have any monsters attacking them is that Star Catcher has used her magic to completely hide their area of the world. Butterfly island, hidden behind a waterfall, is part of her contingency plan if anything does break through her wards. (Majesty prefers to just completely annihilate anything that poses a threat to her ponies in weirdly creative ways.)

The second thing I have is my design for what I intend to become my ponysona, Foxy Lady. I won't post her in the proper section yet because I have two different versions at the moment and I am not sure which one I like best.

Although it is a bit hard to tell, she has two pairs of wings, for her design is based on that of an aeroplane (a Tiger Moth, in fact) owned by a lovely gentleman from Mount Maunganui.

Isn't she absolutely beautiful? :ponylove: I have flown in her, yes I have. (Twice!) It was glorious.

Her name is Foxy Lady and the symbol on her tail is a couple dancing the foxtrot, which is because her registration number is ZK-BFF (ZK representing New Zealand) which in the phonetic alphabet is Bravo Foxtrot Foxtrot.

Going back to the ponies, which colour variation do you guys like best? I am still undecided, though I am leaning towards the one with the dark blue body. She looks a bit like a uniformly dark Silver Glow.


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That ponysona is AMAZING! I think she definitely seems like a pony that would've been made in G1.

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What gorgeous artwork.

And I love that dark blue Pegasus of yours.

You got to fly in an aeroplane like that? Wow!