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WaterRaven Ponysona


Princess Rinse 'N Spit
Mar 18, 2013
Here's my ponysona!

WaterRaven lives deep in the forest. She spends more time with animals and plants than other ponies or unicorns. She loves nature and water. She is often seen gazing into a pool in quiet meditation or lazily swimming in it. She lives in the heart of a great tree with various animal companions. Her magics are mysterious as is her personality, though when she is feeling social she can be rather charming and talkative. She is a loyal friend with compassion for all living things, but when an animal companion or friend is in danger, look out!

WaterRaven has an adventurous heart and a passion for life. She loves to read, write, and paint. When she comes to town she brings her wares in the hopes to share the secrets she's painted in the forest.

- On a side note, I haven't completely mastered the art of drawing in photoshop (far from it), so I colored a coloring book page and added a personal cutie. I love this drawing style though and plan to draw more ponies like it!

Also, do any of you write fan fiction for my little ponies or is there a group that writes stories together with their ponysonas? Just wondering :smilepony: