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What Ember wishes for...

Ember's Dream

Cello Case Dwelling Pony
May 20, 2014
I love G1s! Bold are bigger wants!
TE - German pale Speedy
TE - Whizzer (I may be in the process of acquiring)
TE - Fizzy
TE - Quackers
TE - Sky Rocket
TE - Galaxy
TE - Bright Eyes
TAF - Sugarberry (preferably bright white)
Baby Ribbs
Glow n' Show - Star Glow
SHS - Daisy Dancer
SS - Scrumptious
MGR - Sparkler
MGR - Flower Bouquet (preferably with not too much fading to hair)
Princess Brush n' Grow - Skylark
TAF - Wave Runner (would be wonderful if UV streaks still work!)
Store exclusive Baby Ember with star
TAF - Merriweather
Butterscotch (FF would be great, but either one is fantastic!)
Minty (FF would be great, but again, either is great!)
Flutter - Tropical Breeze
Flutter - Pink Dreams (may be in the process of acquiring)
Sparkler (unicorn with the neon red streak in hair)
Star Hopper (Man I'd love the MO one, but hey any is awesome!)

And really any other ponies that aren't from years 1, 2 or 3 (apart from those listed :D)

Baby Ocean
Baby Swirly
Baby Fleur
Baby Sweet Smowflake
Rumba and Samba

G3 (3.5?):
I don't collect G3s, but I wouldn't mind a Ponyville gymnastics Scootaloo, in fact, I'D LOVE ONE! I'm a gymnast, so there :)

I don't collect G4 either, but I do love the snow globe Diamond Mint (is that what she's called?)

Condition: I have this thing about cancer spots and head-body mismatch, but otherwise I'm not too picky! Haircuts are fine, Grubbiness is fine, Tail rust is fine. I do LOVE near-mint ponies, but I also love cleaning ponies up, so whatever you have~
Oooh and I'd love for the symbol to be as nice as possible, although I don't mind touching them up. But generally I don't mind what pony I receive too much, as long as they don't have cancer/ head-body mismatch! :)

Other ponies:
Any nirvanas! yay!

I actually love ponies with initials under their hooves or a child's name on them or other signs of being loved, i.e. those with their own sticker stuck on themselves hehe.

Baits are welcome too, as long as they don't have the dreaded cancer. I love giving them TLC. <3

Any pony brushes and stickers also awesome, they don't even need to come with a pony. And backcards: I LOVE BACKCARDS; I love reading them and they give me a goal to buy that pony. I also love any G1 merch.

Non-pony stuff:
Art: My oh my I love art. (and anything handmade by you <3) Whether it be amazing or eh, or just a doodle, I will cherish it!!!
I also like any art tools to add to my stash, with the exception of coloured pencils, I think I can live on my stash for another 10 years...

Food: I love lollies, especially gummies and American lollies! And jelly, whether it be ready to eat or in powder form (Aeroplane jelly is like the only jelly powder we have here in Australia :() Anything sweet basically, I'd LOVE it. No allergies, and food wise I don't dislike anything except for licorice and ginger.

Music: I am a classical music nerd, and a passionate cellist and violist. Anything musical, with musical notes on it or feature a violin (close enough to viola haha) or a cello, I WILL LOVE YOU TO DEATH FOR IT. Anything cello like CDs, are super awesome too!

Socks: Yay! I love crazy, 'out there' socks, and if you get me one I will wear it for all eternity (or at least till it breaks, then I'll fix it and wear it again?) I also love scrunchies, they're so practical and pretty!

Colours: I love mint/teal and coral/peach, so anything that colour or a combination of those colours are awesome! Rainbow is also awesome for me.

Pets: I have a lilac budgie, Pokey. Feel free to send in any little bells and stuff like that, he'll torment it day and night...


What's special from your town/city? Whether it be food or objects, I'll love to obtain one! I love souvenirs.
I also love any key chains or trinkets or little figurines, any!
I happen to like this Pokemon, Espurr for god knows why. I doubt you'll find anything with him on it though haha.
Anything unicorn
Anything cute and derpy
Anything weird and unique
Anything you think I'll like! :ponylove:
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Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jun 29, 2015
i'm gonna watch this thread to make sure I stay updated on your list. C: