what is pony cancer?

Discussion in 'MLP Discussion' started by Dusky, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Dusky

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    I've seen loads of people mentioninng pony cancer, what exactly is it? I know it looks ugly and it can spread, but what happens to the pony? Do they just turn that salmon pink colour and sit there forevermore looking embarressed?

    blah...I don't know....
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    Some people define it differently, but for the most part they are commonly those brown spots you find on ponies. There is also pin-dot mold and some other problems that ponies tend to have. The brown spots are attracted by bacteria as are some forms of mold. I always wash my ponies with soap and water when I get them and try not to touch other things like your face etc so you dont spread any bacteria.
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  4. Ms Twilight

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    It is a collector term used to describe the brown or black dots that form on ponies.

    Technically, they are a microbial growth that feed on the plasticizer within vinyl. Many different types of vinyl collectibles suffer from this problem.

    Here is a good site that goes into detail about the dreaded black dots...

  5. Dusky

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    thanks guys ^_^
  6. Thanks for the links I've also been wondering about pony cancer.
  7. Dusky

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    my starshine has it :( I didn't notice before because she's tea-coloured anyway from age.

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