which pony is orange with a butterfly

Discussion in 'MLP Discussion' started by inglemist, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. inglemist

    inglemist inglemist

    She is on the 400 page color book.
  2. Wysteria

    Wysteria MOC Crazy

    That's Scoot-a-loo I believe:) She's one of the butterfly island scooter ponies who was released with Bumbleberry. Hope this helps!
  3. inglemist

    inglemist inglemist

    You are right. I loked her up in Silverfalls Index. I was looking there but would have taken forever to find without knowing her name. I was just clicking on ponies. This board is the greatest for answering questions. Someone always knows & gives a quick response. I'm trying to catalog all my G3 items & don't know the names of half the poniesthanks

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