Wicked's Trading Wishlist

Wicked Wonderland

Feb 24, 2016
Dirt, non-permanent marks, and messy hair are fine as long as there is no actual damage.

-------------------------------My Pretty Pony
"Peachy" version
-------------------------------Earth Ponies
Daisy Sweet - (white hair version - upgrade)
Nightglider (upgrade)
Sweet Lily
-------------------------------Pegasus Ponies
Ringlet - (Upgrade. Must have perfect wing paint on display side.)
-------------------------------Baby Ponies
Baby Love Melody
Baby Moondancer - (must be white)
Baby Princess Sparkle - (must be white)
-------------------------------Dream Beauties
Wind Sweeper
------------------------------- European Ponies
(Tales) Bon Bon (Can be in bad shape. Or just her tail. Tail can be cut.)
(Tales) Melody
(Tales) Bright Eyes
Love Pony (Dutch Kiss 'n Tell)
Vanilla Treat (upgrade)
Baby Diamond
Ice Crystal
Daddy Meadowsweet - (Hair can be in bad condition. Was never a fan of the stripes anyway. :p )
Daddy Berrytown - (Hair can be in bad condition.)
Daddy Sunbright - (Hair can be in bad condition.)
NSS Wind Whistler - (Hair can be pink or white, but must be even.)
-------------------------------Mexican Ponies
Cotton Candy - (Palomino - Peach w/ white hair)
-------------------------------Macau Ponies
Cotton Candy - (Palomino - Peach w/ white hair)
-------------------------------Italian Ponies
Blue Lickety Split
Blue Posey
-------------------------------Spanish Ponies
Sweet Stuff
Love Melody
Sweet Tooth
-------------------------------Brazilian Ponies
Love Melody (upgrade)
Sugarberry (upgrade)
Baby Lofty
-------------------------------Argentinian Ponies
Heart Throb
Baby Graffiti
Baby Ribbs
Baby Noddins
Baby Starbow - (white)
-------------------------------Peruvian Ponies
Paradise Estate - (No damage or discoloration.)
Lullaby Nursery - (No damage or discoloration.)
-------------------------------Ponywear & Accessories
Secret Surprise pony saddles (especially Secret Star's)
Original ribbons
Lollipop brushes
Candy combs
Sundae Best/Candy Cane barrettes
Cupcake clock (not the yellow version)
Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt VHS
UK framed prints - (Especially the one featuring Sweet Stuff.)
Porcelain figurines - (Most of them. Already have: Baby Pony, Wishing Well, and Lickety Split)

Breast Cancer Awareness/Ribbons & Hearts - (closed mouth preferred)
SLH Dream Blue
Winter Snow
-------------------------------Plush Ponies
Aurora Mist
Star Catcher plush/backpack

-------------------------------Funko Vinyls
Pinkie Pie (mini)
Rainbow Dash (mini)
-------------------------------Brushables/Regular Size Ponies
Sweetie Blue
Nurse Redheart
Pinkie Pie with black and white accents from purse set (not fashion style)
Pinkie Pie III (Raised leg)
Shadow Bolt
WAVE 2 - Star Swirl #10
WAVE 3 - Golden Harvest #8
WAVE 19 - Soigne Folio
WAVE 19 - Stella Lashes
WAVE 19 - Pretty Vision
WAVE 19 - Picture Frame
WAVE 19 - Powder Rouge
WAVE 20 - Prim Hemline
Sugarcube Corner playsets
Puzzle House - Pinkie Pie/Sugarcube Corner
"You're Dashing" and "Be My Pinkie Pie" Valentine's chocolate boxes
LIFE boardgame

Monster High
-------------------------------Outfits & Accessories (WILLING TO BUY WITH DOLL!)
Sweet 1600 Clawd
Dawn of the Dance Deuce
Scooter Ghoulia's dress (and boots)
Art Class Abbey
-------------------------------Complete Dolls:
Wydowna Spider/Webarella
Home Ick Abbey Bominable
I <3 Fashion Abbey
Ghost Girl CaM Pack
Coffin Bean Abbey

Another Alice - (stockings)
Tweety - (skirt)
The black Angelic Pretty outfit
Any eyelids

Comicbooks, Action Figures, and Other Merch
I follow everything from Ant-Man to Zatanna, so just let me know what you have. Especially interested in 1:6 scale figures and statues! :)

Jem and the Holograms
-------------------------------Integrity Dolls:
Stormer (original only)
Kimber (original or bands break up)
-------------------------------Vintage Dolls:
-------------------------------Vintage Clothes & Shoes:

Alice In Wonderland/American McGee's Alice/Madness Returns
Alice & Cheshire Cat (mib only)
Alice & Cheshire Cat - Bloody Version (loose only)
Alice & Cheshire Cat - Tower Records Glow in the Dark Version (loose and mib)

Femme Fatales Alice Madness Returns Statue
Alice Madness Returns - Royal Guard Suit Figure

Birthday Bear
Treat Heart Pig
Gentle Heart Lamb
Wish Bear
Bright Heart Raccoon (poseable only)

Anything of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune
Anything of the Sanrio character Cinnamoroll
Anything with narwhals