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Welcome to... my updated wishlist! I will update as I obtain ponies! Last update: 9/29/19
I’m open to trades :smile: Not currently buying!
I'm not that picky, but I don't like Cancer, or severe mold (yuck). Or any horrible beyond-treatment pindot. Examples of acceptable flaws are slight frizz, some haircuts and scuffs/minor rubs.
If the pony has a SS variant, she’ll be preferred over her normal counterpart <3 Though, her regular version would also be accepted!

Normal text- Wanted
Bold Text- Grail/Priority

-Firefly (Any)
-MO July Waterlily
-MO January Carnation
-Baby Moondancer
-Baby Glory
-Baby Heartthrob
-Butterscotch (Any)
-Bluebelle (Any)
-Minty (Any)
-Sweet Pop
-Princess Serena/Aquamarine
-NSS (“Movie Stars”) Euro Wind Whistler (Grail)
-TE Quackers
-Gusty (So Soft or NSS)

-Cherries Jubilee (So Soft or NSS)
-SS Truly
-SS Sundance
-SS Cupcake
-SS Best Wishes
-Surprise (So Soft or NSS)
-SS Ribbon
-ANY Glow N Show
-TAF Sweet Tooth
-TAF Dancing Butterflies
-TAF Sugarberry
-Peppermint Crunch
-Sugar Apple
-Mint Dreams
-Sugar Sweet
-Lemon Treats
-Blueberry Baskets
-Boysenberry Pie
-ANY Rainbow Curl
Also looking for: Repro Flutter wings!
If you have SSs or TEs you want to get rid of, regardless of condition, PM me! I love them! :ponylove:
If you know someone who makes repro Rockin’ Beat brushes, please let me know!

G1 Repro
- 35th Confetti

-July Jubilee
-Pretty Pop
-Strawberry Surprise
-Coconut Grove
-Rainbow Dash (Non-Core 7)
-Bow Tie
-Brights Brightly
-Whistle Wishes
-Desert Rose
-Denim Blue

-Minty (Regular symbol)
-Heart Bright
-Star Flight
-Core 7 Toola Roola w Palette (Mint w Accesories!)

-G2 SLH Ivy
-G2 Light Heart
-G3.5 Pinkie Pie (mint/very good condition)
-G3.5 Star Song (mint/very good condition)
-G4 Wysteria
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I have a spare North Star and Twilight (provided its unicorn Twi and not So Soft Twi) if your interested.

Then I could also stop off at TRU and grab Moonstone & Skydancer for you.

(I totally forgot that North Star is missing so much flocking but her hair is soft and beautiful could be amazing if you deflocked her.)
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I have a Firefly that could use a good home, but she's got some sharpie on her wing. :/ I'd love to trade if you're interested, pics are on my sales thread.