Wishing Well Guidelines


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Jun 6, 2005
Welcome to the Wishing Well!

This subforum is a place where you can store your wishes and want lists.

  • Please keep your post to a single thread. If you need to add or edit, please use the "Edit" function to do so.
  • For this to be effective, keeping it up to date will be of the most benefit to you. If someone chooses to RAOPK you, you don't want them to send something you already have! ;)
  • This group is NOT for trading. If you wish to reply to a posters wish list, then please do so through PM. Please continue to make all trades/sales/item wants through the market place section of the board.
  • Please do not include Non MLP items in your lists, this is strictly MLP only.
  • Rules that apply to the rest of the board also apply here.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact a moderator :)