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Would-be new avatar


Smarter than the average Care Bear
Jan 24, 2012
I finally was able to start using my drawing tablet last month, and while I believe I have loads of room for improvement, I've been making great progress. This is my latest experiment. It's supposed to be for a new avatar for me to use here on the TP. It was a little rushed , so there's a few things I'm not happy with (I wanted to start using it a.s.a.p., hehe). It's the Digimon in my current avatar, Anubimon, holding Galaxy, the first G1 pony I ever got.

I already made the version that would be the actual avatar, which was a source of endless frustration. Even aver running it through multiple image compressors, losing about 80% of the quality, and reaching barely 6-8.5k, the system still says it's too heavy to use. :mad:

I'll probably make a thread in Non-Pony Artwork if anyone's interested to see my other experiments. :smile: