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Rules and Netiquette on the MLPTP:

Hello and Welcome to the My Little Pony Trading Post. In order to make your forum experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, we have a few rules here at the MLPTP.

All forums on the MLPTP are actively moderated . Any Post violating the board's rules may be subject to deletion, locking, or editing at administration's discretion. Members found to be violating the rules may be banned by ID, IP address, or Email. To report a rule violation or concern please email Admin@mlptp.net.

The following rules are currently in effect:

  1. New Members: It is preferred that all new members make their first post on the Introductions forum. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and would like to welcome you.

  2. Posting:

    Keep posts on topic and relevant to the subject of the thread. Be sure to start threads in the proper forum. You can find a page summary at the top of each forum detailing what it's purpose is. You are responsible for the material you post. A clear and descriptive title that describes your post is best. To aid/optimise Forum search we may at times amend your thread title for Clarity.

  3. No Profanity, Flames, or Adult Themes: All members are expected to treat each other with respect. Threats will not be tolerated. Refrain from name-calling, ridiculing, and mean spirited remarks. Our board celebrates global diversity, and members are expected to exercise tolerance. Whilst we encourage and allow debate between members, insults and personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you dislike something then start an intelligent, well-thought out thread and debate the subject with those whose opinions differ. Pointless, inflammatory statements, however will be looked upon as trolling and dealt with accordingly.

    Keep all content and links on a G-Rated level. Graphic or adult topics are prohibited. Refrain from using profanity. Intentional posting of images of a graphic or adult nature is grounds for an immediate banning in all areas of the site.. ( Adult topics may be posted in Dream Beauty Lounge only)

    Begging for, or asking for donations of either goods/services or cash is strictly prohibited.

  4. Posting of Live auction links is not permitted, unless you are the seller of said auction, then you may post your link in the auctions forum accordingly. Please respect the privacy of bidders and wait until auctions have ended before posting direct links to them.

    No Anonymous Posts or IDs, or Multiple IDs: Do not create new user accounts for multiple ID's. If an existing member wishes to change their user name, that can be done by sending a message to Admin. Please let other members know of any name change and announce the change, introduce the new name in the introduction forum, and include previous ID in your signature. Group IDs are not permitted. There should never be multiple individuals posting under one user name.

  5. No Spamming: Do not spam the boards. Additional thoughts should be added to your existing post, (please use the edit button) rather than in a following consecutive post, if other members have not yet replied. Please only bump threads when they have moved off Page 1.

  6. Advertising and Links: Do not solicit our members. Under no circumstances are you permitted to solicit MLPTP members for any purpose. This includes, but is not limited to referrals, subscriptions, registrations and signatures (electronic or otherwise). In general this means:
    You must not post links to sites offering get rich quick schemes or advertising with the intent to direct members elsewhere. Links redirecting via TinyURL are not permitted, nor are links to sell goods on any commerical basis without express permission of MLPTP owner.
    You should not post links to sites where remuneration is offered for referrals
    You should not post links where our members are asked to register for something

    Please post actual content in your posts rather than just linking offsite.

  7. Practice Netiquette Rules: Become familiar with and exercise proper netiquette. Do not type posts using all, or excessive amounts, of CAPS. Do not post images that will cause side-scrolling, or long loading times in discussion forums. Use standard sized fonts, and colors that are complimentary and easy to read. Avoid the use of net-speak. Remember that many members of the MLPTP do not speak English as their first language, please exercise consideration towards them.

  8. Observe others' right to privacy: Posting any individual's street address or telephone number is grounds for immediate banning.

  9. Signature Guidelines are as Follows:
    You are allowed to combine images and text within your signature, granted that the following criteria are met.

    - The Maximum size of all images,when added together, must be 50k or less.
    - The dimensions of your signature in total, including both images and text should be 300x180 (width x height) or less. This also applies to HTML tables.
    - No signature may contain more than two graphics.
    - No signature may contain more than five lines of "Normal Sized" text. This includes text that wraps from one line to the next, at any screen setting.
    - Blank lines in your signature will count towards your 5 lines of text.
    - Do not include quiz or test results in your signature.
    - Tickers are strictly prohibited.
    - All forum rules apply to signature content as well. Language, Link content, and font size must all be suitable for the board.


  10. Avatar Guidelines are as Follows:
    - Maximum Avatar size is 8k.
    - Maximum dimensions (length x width) are 80x80

    To check the size of your signature, simply right click on the image you would like to check, and select properties. Information will be displayed including both the size and the dimensions.

    If you need help with your signature please post on the Testing forum.


  11. Chat Rules: All rules of the board apply to Chat as well. Additionally, when using the channel, you must sign in using your own name. All users must be readily identifiable. Any user who refuses to identify themself will be removed from chat and/or banned.

How to Post on the MLPTP:

Before you post anything, please understand what each of the different boards are for. Each board has been created for a certain type of post. Please read over these descriptions carefully.

  • Auctions: You would post here if you are currently running a MLP auction. (Some examples: eBay, Yahoo, and/or private auctions, etc.) Don't forget to put your auction link in your ad!

  • Want to Buy: You would post here if you are interested in paying money to purchase MLP's. This is a good place to advertise your wants. Dealers, and other collectors looking to sell their items, will browse this section in search of buyers like you!

  • Want to Sell: You would post here if you are interested in selling MLP items you own. This is a good place to unload some of your extras for some cash! Don't forget to include your contact info in your ad!

  • Want to Trade: You would post here if you are interested in exchanging MLP's you own, for MLP's that other collectors own. Usually, it is best for people at the MLPTP to trade, because trading helps two collectors at once!

    Trader Help & Advice: This board is to be used to discuss good and bad buyers, sellers, and traders only. You may also discuss anything relating to buying and selling one bay here. The MLPTP invites you to share the good and bad experiences that you have had in buying, selling, or trading MLP's.

    Please Post individual feedback in member feedback profiles.

My Little Pony Discussion: The MLP Discussion section is for topics that specifically concern anything, and everything MLP. Off-Topic discussions, or Marketplace ads are NOT allowed here. Please make sure that you do not crosspost your topic to more than one board at a time.
  • General Discussion: This board is for My Little Pony related general discussion. Post your MLP related messages here for: questions, chat, events, announcements, stories, information, pony meets, club meetings, pen-pal requests, etc.

  • Customs & Artwork: This board is for discussion related to MLP Customs and Artwork. Subjects include: Displaying customs or artwork, and questions related to both. Reminder! Please, no Marketplace advertisements here.

  • Show & Tell: This board is for members to let loose and brag about their good finds, and collections. Post here about your auction wins, auction losses, flea-market finds, gifts, collection photos, pony room, and/or find out just how good of a deal you got!

Off-Topic Discussion: The MLP Discussion section is for topics that are not about MLP at all. Marketplace ads, or MLP topics are NOT allowed here.
  • Introductions: This board is for new members to the MLPTP to introduce themselves to the existing community.

  • Friends Discussion: This board is for non-MLP general discussion. Post your messages here concerning personal news, announcements, opinions, or general discussion. Please note, this board is NOT for the SALES, WANTS, or TRADES of non-MLP items. Discussion only.

  • Testing Forum/Site Help : This board is to be used to for posts that are considered to be "test" posts. These instances include: Checking your post status, checking and announcing your post count, testing your signature or blinkie, experimenting with smiley emoticons or html, and any other "just testing" post along these lines. If you require help with anything on the site, post here.

To post on the MLPTP boards, please:

  • Register for a free account.
  • Click on the navigation link Main Index, to see the complete list of MLPTP forums.
  • Click on the "New Topic" or "Reply" button, as applies. Write some text that expresses your thoughts or wishes in brief detail, making sure to spell and grammar check your words.

Common Abreviations:
Here are some of the more common abbreviations used in the MLP Community.

Pony Related:
BBE..........Beddy-Bye Eyes
CF...........Concave Feet
DC...........Dream Castle
FF...........Flat Feet
G1...........Generation 1: MLP From 1981-1996
G2...........Generation 2: MLP From 1997-2003
G3...........Generation 3: MLP From 2003-Present
MLP..........My Little Pony
MLPTP........My Little Pony Trading Post
NBBE.........Non-Beddy Bye Eyes
NSS..........Non-So Soft
PE...........Paradise Estate
SS...........So Soft
SSSS.........Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe
SW...........Summer Wing
TAF..........Twice as Fancy
TE...........Twinkle Eyes
Winger.......Summer Wing or Windy Wing
WW...........Windy Wing
Condition Related:
CB...........Custom Bait (very bad condition)
EXC..........Excellent Condition
F............Fair Condition
G............Good Condition
MIB..........Mint In Box or Bag
MIP..........Mint in Package
MOC..........Mint on Card
NM...........Near Mint
NRFB.........Never Removed From Box
NRFC.........Never Removed From Card
VG...........Very Good Condition
Misc Other:
AFK..........Away From Keyboard
ATM..........At the Moment
ASAP.........As Soon As Possible
BTW..........By The Way
HTF..........Hard to Find
IMHO.........In My Humble Opinion
IMO..........In My Opinion
L8R..........Later (Bye)
LOL..........Laughing Out Loud
LMK..........Let Me Know
NP...........No Problem
OOAK.........One of a Kind
OOP..........Out of Print (no longer made)
ROTFL........Rolling on the Floor Laughing
TBA..........To Be Announced
TTYL.........Talk to You Later
TTYS.........Talk to You Soon
TY...........Thank You
WB...........Welcome Back
WTB..........Wanted to Buy
WTS..........Wanted to Sell
WTT..........Wanted to Trade

Copyrights & Disclaimers:

  • The MLPTP reserves the right to reject, edit, delete, use, or save any post, email, chatlog at any time; for any reason.
  • The MLPTP reserves the right to change the format, and style of its message boards and trading posts at any time; for any reason.
  • The MLPTP is not to be held responsible for ANY false advertising or failed trades, sales, or purchases. Buy, Sell, or Trade at your own risk.
  • The MLPTP is not to be held responsible for ANY material posted on the message boards. Each person is responsible for their own actions. The views expressed by users on the MLPTP boards are not necessarily the views of the MLPTP owners, admin, or moderators.
  • My Little Pony is a registered trademark of Hasbro. All rights reserved.
  • The pictures, logos, html, and style on the MLPTP page have been made with great care. Please respect our hard work, and do not use or modify any MLPTP property without express written permission from Admin.

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