Do you have a manky So-Soft pony whose fur is thin, or perhaps yellowed and dirty? I didn't have the heart to toss out my childhood So Soft Ribbon, so I deflocked her! She's absolutely gorgeous now! For this tutorial, I'll be using poor, manky SS's Paradise and Ribbon.

Step 1: Remove excess dirt/flocking with a boiling Oxygen cleaner bath. Boil water and drop in a scoop of the Oxy. Now drop your ponies in. I let them soak until the water cools to warm. I use my thumbs in circular motions to scrub the fur off. It won't all come off that way, but most will. Rinse the ponies and move to the next step.

Paradise had her bath with Best Wishes. (^_^)

Step 2: Use acetone to remove the flocking from legs, belly, neck, etc. , carefully avoiding any painted areas. You'll be touching up any minor bits later, so just try to get the bulk of it off for now. Make sure you hold your pony so that the acetone won't run across the paint. Sometimes I use cottonballs to scrub the flock off, but it takes a while. If you can soak a leg or hoof in it for a minute or two, it scrapes off easily with your fingernail (THROUGH your gloves, of course! This stuff is dangerous!). Either way you do it, you should end up with a pony whose flocking resembles Miss Ribbon here.

Step 3: Jasco!


Sorry to yell, but it's really important. I just follow the directions on the label, and I do it outside, where there's lots of ventilation. All you have to do is use an old paintbrush (or a newer inexpensive one, or even those really cheap little black foam "brushes" from the home improvement store) and "paint" it on over the painted parts of your pony (eyes, symbols, blush, etc). Let the pony sit for about 10 minutes (the can says 5-15 mins) and then remove the jasco (and flocking!) with a cloth or toothbrush (yet again, an OLD one! This stuff will eat it up).

This is the stuff I use!

Tip: I find that once you've used the black foam brush for painting the Jasco on, the foam part comes off and you're left witha plastic spatula-looking piece on the end. This is perfect for scraping off the flock!

Be sure not to pour the excess down the drain as it will contaminate the water supply. You may have to repeat Steps 3 and 4 several times before you finish. Some ponies have taken me 3 applications, while I have others that needed 10. O_O When you've gotten it all off, wash your pony with some dish soap and water. Dry her off and move on to step 4....

Uni Says: Your pony may have some "yellowed" spots here and there (in the ears, wings, under belly, etc). This is residual glue. Just get your acetone and cotton balls out again, and wipe those places off. (You're wearing your gloves, again, aren't you?)

Step 4: Lastly, be sure to mark under a hoof "D/F" for deflocked. This prevents people from scamming others and generally degrading the collecting community. Sure, you would never do that, but you don't know who might end up with your ponies when you're gone! Act responsibly when you alter a pony, and always mark the hoof.

Now all you have to do is visit the Hairstyling tutorial and you'll have a beautiful pony worthy of your display case!

Isn't she just fabulous!?


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