Poor Baby Lofty!

Poor Baby Lofty!

So you've purchased a lot of ponies, and some have a horrible-looking rusty tail base? Not a problem! Use Rit Rust Remover (for fabrics, in the laundry section of your grocery with the dyes, or order it online) to de-rust the tail, as well as the inside of the pony. It also works great for Beddy Bye Eyed ponies whose eyes have rusted shut, or open, whichever the case may be.

Step 1: Simply pop the head off, use pliers to reach inside and grab the tail, and pull it out through the neck. Ewww, right? Pretty gross in there? Yeah, I thought so. Read on...

Step 2: Use 2 pairs of pliers to pull the washer and clamp off the tail (see photos below).


Step 3: Secure the tail with 2 plastic cable ties (also known as zip ties). This will prevent rusting in the future. If you don't know how, see the "Making Tails" tutorial.

Step 4: Wash as much rust out as you can with dish soap and hot water (not too hot!).

Step 5: Heat some water to boiling in a teacup (in your microwave, or with a tea kettle, or a pan, it doesn't matter how you do it, but you'll only need a teacup's worth.) and carefully drop in a heaping teaspoon of the Rit Rust Remover (it doesn't need to still be boiling when you do this). Be careful not to inhale the powder, and don't get it on your hands. Read the box for full details. Now, soak the rusty ends of your tails in the cup for 10 minutes or so.

Step 6: Next, take them out, rinse them off, and smoosh the strands around between your fingers to really break up that rust. Repeat the soaking/rinsing cycle as many times as necessary to remove all the rust.

Step 7: Now wash your tails with anti-bacterial dish soap (really work it through, because it will feel strange), and rinse.

Step 8: Condition the pony's hair (the strangeness will go away with the conditioning) and see the Styling tutorial!

Step 9: You can re-use the solution you've already made, and pour it inside the pony's body to remove any rust in there (or soak the head of a BBE in it to de-rust the eyes). This may take a few cycles, and you may have to make more solution, but it definitely does the trick! Wash out the pony's body with more dish soap when it's rust-free and you're done!

Wasn't that easy? Now you'll never have to sell another pony again because it was plagued with rust, and you've learned how to prevent rust in the future by using the plastic cable ties! Look at Baby Lofty now! Isn't she beautiful? (She was also turned from a BBE into a NBBE using my tutorial technique.)

As always, you can PM me here at the TP with any questions you have, or ask for help in our Customs forum!


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