Cleaning Tail Rust

Use the product called Simple Green if its available to you, it can be found at Walmart as well as many other places :D It is a natural product but I find it to be slightly drying on my hands.

How to do it: Remove the ponies head I know its a sin!! but the pony will most likely be dirty on the inside so should be cleaned out too (the Simple Green will work for that as well)

Remove the tail and washer (or fragments of washer LOL)

Put Simple Green on the rusty area and scrub with fingers and or a toothbrush (they should rename them pony brushes) rinse and repeat if necessary etc.

Wash the tail with shampoo and conditioner too (as S.G. is slightly drying as I commented before, it may be because it is SO clean and the hair product will introduce some oils or whatever it is in shampoo/conditioner)

Let tail dry out well

Here are photos from before and after of my baby rabbits tail:D

Before After

Removing Smoke and Other Smells

For removing smoke and other scents from ponies, try washing them with Simple Green and a tooth brush. Then rinse well and shampoo and condition.

Before and after of ponies that were smoky from house fire and washed with simple green + toothbrush:

Poor babies!

Bath time!

All clean!

Simple Green and Magic Erasers are great for removing general dirt and marks just be sure to rinse well with either and try not to rub the symbols too much or at all (especially the glitter ones). A toothbrush is the perfect scrubbing implement or fingernail for stubborn marks (you can usually look at the mark to see if it is on the surface or absorbed into it) or dirt.


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