1/16/21 MLPTP Site Announcement *PLEASE READ*

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Festive FelizNavidad Pony
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Jan 3, 2006
The Mod team has decided to make the MLPTP a politics-free zone and ask that members please refrain from political posts. We understand that in the US in particular there is a lot of political activity right now, but also that politics can be a subject that triggers stress and division among our members. If you wish to discuss or debate your political thoughts we ask you do it via more appropriate forums or outlets. Given how divided many are on this subject and how strongly people feel, we feel it is in the best interest of our members to simply avoid such a volatile topic altogether.

At the end of the day we are here for ponies, not politics, and we do not wish to make our pony community members feel unwelcome or uncomfortable when it really boils down to the fact that the MLPTP is just not the place for political conversations.
Not open for further replies.