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Mar 7, 2014
IMG-20170922-WA0037.jpg Hi all:) if this is not in the right place, please move?

A friend of mine has noticed something strange about a few of her ponies. I would love it if someone can tell us what is going on with these ponies? Are they variants? They have the same year stamp and say Hong Kong, but the eyes feet and cutie mark differ.
Also, I have seen this one Posey phenomenon twice now, where the pony has white flowers and a Hong Kong stamp. The Posey's body and paint is definately not faded, just the hair. And we all know it doesn't take much sun at all to fade light pink hair.
IMG-20170922-WA0028.jpg IMG-20170922-WA0029.jpg IMG-20170922-WA0030.jpg IMG-20170922-WA0031.jpg
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Dec 24, 2010
In the case of the collectors pose ponies they made them in year one flat feet, then year two concave feet and then mail order and all three versions are a bit different. It makes me crazy trying to tell them apart. Yes the white hair on Posey is not a variant issue its just an aging issue and environmental problem with that particular type of pink hair they used. If the flowers are white they are faded I believe as all Posey's were supposed to have a light pink flower but many of them fade from sun. I have a regular Posey with the light pink flower, then there is the UK version which is a Magenta flower. Now if your Posey says Peru then the white flower may be more normal I guess, but I still wonder if theirs is faded also.

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Aug 29, 2017
Yes they are variants. Check
for the best references online.
I used those two they are really good for finding info you have to use both because one has something the
other doesn't
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Feb 18, 2013
I have those as well. I think the one lemondrop is the original one that came with the first show stable. Then the other is the mail order?
I have four Peachy's that all are different. The first one was released with the 1st Issue Pretty Parlor, it has flat feet. The second was issued with the 2nd Issue Pretty Parlor and has concave feet. I could be wrong but wasn't Peachy also one of the playset ponies that was mail order too?