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About the Administrator and Moderators

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Jun 6, 2005

The MLPTP is run by the site owner, @MustBeJewel, and a talented team of moderators:



As the site owner and admin, Jewel's responsibilities include:

:star: Managing the ownership and finances of MLPTP, LLC
:star: Keeping all forum software and widgets up to date
:star: Implementing new features and managing forum architecture
:star: Managing the VPN, hosting, and domain
:star: Creating most of the event banners and graphics
:star: Handling off-site forum advertising
:star: Managing the MLPTP Tutorials & FAQ library
:star: Sourcing outside talent to contribute to the forums
:star: Running the yearly Forum Fundraiser from start to finish
:star: Assisting with Mods' events if needed
:star: Making sure the snack machine in the Mod Lounge is always full

MLPTP Moderators:





Moderator responsibilities include:

:star: Helping MLPTP members however they can
:star: Keeping a watchful eye over the community
:star: They are skilled spam-bot exterminators
:star: Helping resolve trade/sale/swap problems
:star: Hosting their own games, swaps, and other events
:star: Being stellar representatives of the community
:star: Eating all the snacks in the Mod Lounge snack machine.

Keep scrolling to learn more about what makes our team unique. <3

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Jun 6, 2005

Hello! I am known as Jewel or @MustBeJewel throughout the pony collecting world. I'm from the state of Maryland in the USA, and I have been a part of the collecting community since 1999.

I have been collecting ponies for as long as I can remember, since the first Cotton Candy which was given to me before I could even talk. Since then, my collection has grown from my childhood herd of 45 to over 3000 individual ponies from all over the world, some of them truly one-of-a-kind items. Click the link in my signature to take a look!

Since 2003, I have been the hostess of the annual Maryland Pony Meet, a steadily growing gathering of pony collectors mostly from the eastern shore of the US, though collectors have attended from around the world!


I became a moderator here at the Trading Post in 2005, and as of 2019 I have become the new owner of the site. I really love interacting with and getting to know the amazing community members we have here, and I greatly look forward to doing all I can for the community. :)

In my non-pony life, I earned my degree in Film, and I currently freelance in videography, editing, voiceover work, and photography. In 2011, I completed my first documentary, (unsurprisingly) called My Little Obsession.


In short, collecting ponies has opened up a crazy, quirky, wonderful world to me, both in my own personal experiences and the strong, lasting friendships I have made with fellow collectors. If there's ever anything I can help you with here at the MLPTP, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a PM anytime! ;)


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Sep 1, 2020
My Name Is


I hope to become great friends with you!

My story begins with horses, yes, just plain toy horses. I did not want ponies.
I didn't want these color little princess ponies.
Nope, just good ol plain horses for this girl.

Growing up, I wasn't really into ponies. I did like Sunny Daze though from G3.
So she was able to live amongst my herd of Grand Champion Horses.
(though she stayed in box, I never played with her lol)

You may be wondering where my love of ponies actually came in, don't ya?

Well, here comes g4 in 2010 and I boycotted it!
Why you ask? Because they did not have my beautiful Sunny Daze of course!

Here comes year 2012/2013ish and I was perusing Youtube mindlessly like a lot do.
I came across this fan made video of Pinkie Pie and all her friends having an "eventful" picnic.

Well, you know how the videos pop up on the side? I some how found myself watching g4 from episode 1.

And that is the birth of my pony craze!


General Info About Me!

I am from the great state Texas!
Born, raised, and still living here.

90's baby!

I do collect all generations g1-5
(all accept for G3.5)

I have not counted how many ponies I have because I have a whole room of ponies!
(and still currently trying to get that room put together haha!)

I also still have a lot of my childhood Grand Champion Horses, a few Breyers too.

A few of my favorite ponies:
Jenny, Munchy (army 1), Baby Frosting (army 2), Sunny Daze, Rarity, Coloratura
and of course Po-Nay, my own little pony.

I created Po-nay in 2013. I generally just sketched a pony, but I fell in love with her.
So I finished out the sketch with full digital color (my profile picture)
She has never changed in style since I made her.
I love her dearly and wanted her to be real,
so I have commissioned many artists to do just that for me!

My other current collections are: Maneki Nekos, Pusheen, Skeletor,
Budweiser Beer Steins (because I LOVE the Clydesdales), Meowchis from Tastey Peach Studios,
And Various other do dads I find that I absolutely need!

I do not have any children, but I do have one of the best men in the world!
His name is Shark.
He totally takes care of me and is a HUGE supporter in my Pony Collecting World!
He even buys me ponies (like Jenny!)

I have had many pets over the years and I love and cherish each moment I have had with them.
Those pets range from fish, cats, dogs, a racoon, chickens, and a goose!

I don't really do much, but when I do, these are the things I do:
Going to the movies, Thrifting, Generally Spending Money, Haha.,
Going to a new place to eat, go walk down by the lake,
go for an evening drive with my boyfriend.
I also like to take pictures of my ponies with his
BMWs so that I can combine both of our collections.


If you would like to know more about me or have any general questions,
don't be afraid to send me a personal message!

I am here to help make the MLPTP a warm and welcoming place to be!


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Oct 18, 2017
The powers that be say I must tell the tale of Skybreeze and her journey into the pony world.

It all started on a cold winter day in the middle of a terrible snow storm in the 1980's when a small baby came roaring into the world. This small but strong child grew up through the greatest (in her opinion) era for children's television and toys. Thus starting her life long obsession with cartoons and toy collecting.

As long as this little pony can remember she had always wanted to do one of two things in her life. The first was to work for "Mr. Disney" and the second to work with "aminals." When secondary education came a knock, knock, knocking on her door, she felt going the way of animals was in her best interest at the time. But this gal did not give up her talent of the arts. While she was being educated she worked freelance in the early days for Neopets, Ettapets (no longer a thing) and Anatheria. While also maintaining a part time job at a thrift store. Upon graduation Skybreeze has had the great honour to be a veterinary technician (nurse for animals) and later got her registration. She has worked in all aspects of critter medicine including in regular practices, emergency and referral/specialist clinics. (She was even on tv a few times because her emergency clinic had a show that aired on Discovery Channel many years ago now.)

Growing up as an only child in the 80/90's, Skybreeze had a natural knack for collecting things of her past that brought her joy. Since the wee age of three she's been collecting G1 MLP and would buy ponies with her allowance whenever possible. Over the years she's collected many a treasures much like Ariel. Her collections have gone from, Barbies, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Ghostbusters, Tigger, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Precious Moments, Lady Lovely Locks, Fairy Tails Birds, Keypers, Plushies, Tweety Bird, Backstreet Boys & *N SYNC... Collecting is deep rooted within this pony's little heart. To this day she still collects
MLP (G1, G4 & G5), Lady Lovely Locks and Fairy Tails Birds.

With her love of collecting and extreme anxiety disorders Skybreeze decided to bring two of her loves together, MLP and crafting. These two things have always been a good stress relief and have brought peace into Skybreeze's life. So, she started making MLP custom ponies, right down to simple restorations, re-rooting and completely customized ponies. She has since moved on to working with Fair Tails Birds and working with new crafting mediums including sewing, resin, sculpting and mould making.

Skybreeze currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She shares a home with her two dogs (Shih Tzu's). When not working, you can often find her out on one of Ontario's many beautiful hiking trails with her puppers, enjoying the many cultural food options in the city, swimming at the cottage, catching a stage show or newest musicals, binge watching her favourite tv shows or movies and travelling the world.

Anywhoot, this must appease the pony gods now. If there's anything more you'd like to know or if you have questions, please send me a message! I'm always happy to meet and chat with MLPTP members!! :twinkler:


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Jan 3, 2006

Greetings Fellow Pony Pals!

Let's see, I guess pony facts first. I would call myself a life-long pony collector. I grew up in what I consider the greatest toy time that ever was, the 1980s! I always loved horses so of course My Little Pony eventually made its way into my toy box. They quickly became a favorite and were a top request for all birthdays and holidays. The first one I remember ever getting was Cherries Jubilee from my Dad. For no particular reason if I recall but at the time he worked at a grocery store that was in a strip mall right next to a toy store. Those were good years, as the occasional "no reason" pony seemed to surprise me frequently!

I would say as a child I had lots of ponies (maybe around 50 and a few playsets) and of course my share of merchandise. Through the years as I got older most of my toys were lost to yard sales or given away but I always hung on to my ponies. Even though I outgrew playing with them I was never really quite ready to let those pretty ponies go. Eventually they ended up boxed up and in the attic through most of my teen years.

When I got into my late teens and people were starting to actually have computers in their homes, this was probably around 98-99. I remember checking out this site called eBay and that's when my interest in ponies was reborn. I still remember sitting there looking for random stuff on eBay when the idea popped in my head to search for MLP and my jaw dropped! I saw so many I had never seen before! Shortly after I learned about the first collector's guide (Debra Birge's) and I ordered one of those. I sat in my room going though it in awe of all the ponies I'd never seen before and I wanted them all!

That's when the ponies came down from the attic. I still had pretty much all my childhood ones and I started buying them here and there off eBay and would look for them at thrift stores and such. I loved marking them off in my book as I collected them. I eventually stumbled upon the MLPTP in 2006. I remember thinking MLP was probably a collecting niche but this community showed me I wasn't alone! There are lots of other crazy pony people out there *yay* it's so nice to have people who enjoy "talking pony" and I've made so many friends and learned so much over the years. So, why Gingerbread? Cause she's my favorite of course. Well, one of many favorites but yes, Gingerbread was a childhood pony and I always loved her color scheme and I love to bake so it just seemed to fit and I've been Gingerbread ever since.

Fast forward 20+ years later, I have somewhere around 600 I think (haven't counted in a while) and I am proud to say I have a pony room! I collected G1 exclusively most of that time and really have a soft spot for G1 merchandise. However, since completing the G1 US collection I have started dipping my hoof in the G3 world. My first grail pony was the Argentina Feliz Navidad pony and I got her several Christmases ago (greatest Christmas EVER!), my second grail was Argentina Gingerbread which I also received (2nd greatest Christmas EVER!) and now I think I'm setting my sights on a Spanish Gingerbread. That's the thing with collecting MLP, you never want it to end!

I live in Virginia, have been here my whole life but I do love to travel. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, going on 20 years. No kids, but love dogs. I'm the office manager at a doctor's office. I love to cook/bake and I'm usually in the kitchen. I love holidays...all of 'em but especially Christmas. I go all out decorating for most everything and I love everything about it!

I'm generally a home body, I prefer reading a book or working in the yard, watching TV, attempting to do crafty things but I'm not very social honestly. It's not that I don't like people it's just that after interacting with 100 patients in a day I like being home in my PJs! Occasionally though I do enjoy fun times with my friends and family and I'm known for my parties, cause when I do them, I do them up right!

I also like to collect vintage Pyrex, certain books and vintage holiday decor. I like The Little Mermaid, Eeyore, Charming Tails figures, most 80's toys, Garfield and Peanuts/Snoopy.

So that's my story. If you see me around feel free to say hi. I'm always happy to help however I can, whether it's a forum question, pony question or a much needed recipe :)
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