Are you near Long Beach? Portland? Discovery show Popnatio



My swapmeet friend Dwyane begged me to go to Long Beach and bring my ponies to this Pop Nation event. It's just too long of a haul for me but I thought I'd let you all know about this event. Dwyane told me no one has brought any vintage's sorta of like the antique roadshow where they do appraisals but you can be a fully informed collector too...I'm not sure how much to bring...but Dwyane said bring a bunch and bring your best & rarest stuff if you want to get the attention of the TV cameras although you may want bring something wacky too like those giant newborns *that* may be a little more eye catching to non-collectors. If you decide to go, Dwyane is a well known seller at the Rose Bowl, CA - he is a tall thin black guy with highlights in his short kinky hair - I'm not sure what his role is but he will definitely be there I really hope someone will go, please lmk if you do! :) I'm not sure this URL think is going to work...if anyone wants to fix it that would be great.