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Autumn's Humble Wishlist


Flame Blue Unicorn Poet
Mar 24, 2022
Nothing on the list ... but for a rule of thumb:

- fondness for unicorns
- fondness for blue ponies
- fondness for bright red or orange hair
- fondness for big brother ponies
- fondness for any musical cutie mark,
---- but any food, celestial, abstract, and identifiable flower cutie marks are appreciated. (I am fond of botany and abstract flowers just won't cut it, bud!)

- I once thought of putting together a Sparkler army.

I'm planning on keeping: Bee Bop, Keen Bean, Streaky, Sparkler ('Acqua Alta' variant), Gusty, Tuneful, Salty and Wigwam.
The rest I'm thinking of selling on. I am still undecided about all this. But before then ...

I am making a book of blurbs from year two and three with photography and illustrations ... because to me these anonymous scraps of dialogue and characterisation started something special for many people. Most of the blurbs involve other pony characters than the pony the blurb goes with, so to get the full picture they really need a compilation. It will end with the script of Ember's Dream. And a bit of nostalgia too.

Parameters for this book of blurbs:
There was a fad for all things 'baby' beginning in 1984; every kind of toy coming out with baby versions of their characters. I am not interested in that fad, which is why I am cutting myself off there at G1 year 3, and not including any baby ponies except Ember. Sea ponies aren't much intertwined in the blurbs' collective narrative either, so I am not interested in them (I have two for generic background characters, and that's just perfect for this project). The animated cartoon came in about the same time. Megan and Sundance seemed like a kind advertisement for the show since they featured large there but small in blurbs. This is supposed to reflect the period before then.
I may include reproductions of the card backs for reference. My teen self saved a number of them for the me of today.

I've decided that I want to get this photo shoot out of the way, and get around to making this book.
My biggest wishlist is to find new homes for all these ponies.
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