Baby Ribbon's Straight from the Horse's Mouth!



Baby Ribbon hasn't updated this site in 5 years but it's still standing. So why not share it so people can read her nifty responses to G1 MLP questions sent by people long ago? And you'll see I myself had summited her the one at the top of the list! :wink:

By the way....Unicorns Rule! XD
Straight from the Horse's Mouth


Oh, that site's still around? I always thought it was pretty fun. I'll have to check it out again.


For those who can't reach five of the issues, I figured out that that is because there are uppercases of letters in the web addresses that are suppose to be all lowercase for them to work.

Here you go with the addresses fixed so you won't miss out on anything intriguing! :wink:
How can all those ponies possibly fit in Paradise Estate?

Why all we Little Ponies ever eat is sugar!

How absolutely anybody can be a Rainbow Pony!

How can I, Baby Ribbon, remain a baby for 14 years?

Is Shady really clinically depressed?


I didn't even know that site existed. Thanks for posting it! It looks really cool. So far I have only read the 1st Q&A, but it was really funny and cute, so I will work on reading the rest, too. I wonder what ever happened to this person.


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Jun 7, 2005
Ohhhh I've never seen that site before. It's so entertaining!



My favorite is the My Little Phony reply......

Princess Tiffany, professor of Ethnic and Genetic Diversity at DVUP (Dream Valley University at Ponyland)

and the theory that:
the inhabitants of Friendship Gardens (whom I consider to be inflicted with a very mild form of fakie)

And the crowning moment, the silliness of the D&W babies who simply flaunt what all the ponies can do and were shouting "we're #1" *LOL-need my toddler to get that inspired so I can get her potty trained*
So they were apparently inspiring other baby ponies:
The Surprise Newborns are following in their footsteps. Don't even ask what the Surprise is.

Ahhhh, thanks for the good laugh at the end of a really crummy day.


You are right, however, in that we cannot wink through walls. Not that we physically can't, we are just not allowed to by the laws of the land. Don't let my tone throughout this topic fool you either; these laws are absolutely necessary to prevent violation of others' privacy and to prevent idiots like Baby Noddins from winking right into the center of a table, again, because she couldn't see where she was going.

Ah yes, we've come a long way since the days of "Midnight Castle" and TV censors--from hide-and-seek games conducted in secret to winking to the refrigerator because we're too lazy to get off the couch. It's a good life!
See, now isn't that a sign of how of thoughtful us unicorns are! We're so nice when not provoked! Hey, who's up for a game of leap frog? :tongue: *winks to kitchen to grab a bite to eat first*