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Nov 24, 2021
Bonjour everyone!

My name is Sarah, or you can call me Souffaloufagous/Souff/Souffie/hey you. I used to be a member of the arena too under the same username...been a LONG time since i've actively engaged in pony discourse!

Long time lover of ponies; I'm 30, so my childhood line was G2s, but I always envied my cousin who was born in the 80s! I own the sole survivor of her childhood set (Cotton Candy, covered in highlighter no less lolol). I also watched FiM and took a hiatus during the rise of the Bronies, and just recently completed a rewatch of the entire series!

My absolute favorite pony of all time? It's a tie between Fizzy and Sugarberry. Fave Nirvana is Macau Jenny (which I have, thanks hub <3).

I currently work in pharma database marketing, so i'm nearly always exhausted. I also play ACNH and Minecraft if anyone wants to chat. Hello everycreature. :)


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Sep 1, 2020
omg i absolutely love jenny too (I have her cause of my significant other aswell lol)

welcome back into the pony world! I hope you enjoy your stay!
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