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I have an announcement!
I have opened another poll so here, you guys can vote on my next set! Unlike the last one, this survey will be open perpetually, and options will be removed as they are completed ❤️

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I don't think I've posted my artwork here before?
It's been so long haha, as you might notice I joined back in 2010 but I've only just made my way back on here, haha, and into more active pony collecting in general <3
I'm a bit more active on the Arena but I wanted to get back on here too, so here I am!

My passion is designing ponies, and my aim has always been to design ponies that could have conceivably been in the G1 line, thus here are all of the sets I've designed so far - first up, the Cloudpuff Ponies!
They are flocked ponies with fluffy puffy hair aside from a 'normal' forelock. like the Perfume Puffs! They are inspired by how gimmicks started to combine later on down the line, like the Princess Brush 'n Grows <3

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So for my next set, my thoughts went as follows - as Winger Ponies (Summer Wings and Windy Wings) were originally intended to be Baby Flutter Ponies, my concept for Baby Flutters went in a different direction - caterpillars! They are teeny-tiny sized with pearlescent tails and tiny little flutter wings! Just like adult Flutter Ponies, they have a lil' symbol on their cheek <3

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Continuing my trend of favouring the various gimmick mashups that occurred later in the G1 line, here are the Rock Candy Ponies! <3
Scented, sparkly, translucent rock stars with crystalline candy guitars and electrifying crimped manes!
The glitter in their bodies is the large chunky mylar stuff, giving them a really crystalline texture and they also have iridescent tinsel in their manes - they're pretty much a combination of some of my favourite G1 aesthetics and I hope you guys love them as well!
This is also one of my favourite backgrounds I've ever designed -- I usually struggle with them due to my lack of depth perception but I think this one turned out great, especially the candy dance floor!​

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For this one, I really wanted to do a Halloween set, as we never got one in G1, but also, in keeping with the G1 line, black was never used as a main (hair/body) colour and it's one of the big Halloween colours, so I wanted to challenge myself to make a seasonal line without it!
These ponies all glow in the dark, and I had to restrain myself from madding any extra features, otherwise every line I design would wind up being a glitterbomb XD
I'm also super proud of the background for this one, as it's something I struggle with so I really tried hard on this one to make it as atmospheric as possible!

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These guys were on on the backburner for over a year, as G1 never did any Easter ponies (well, standard issue US/UK G1 didn't) and I wanted to make some! <3
Went off of the feel of our two official Greek Easter ponies (Ladybird and Lambaditsa) which is why Marshmallow Frosting is in the sitting pose and shares similar colours; I wanted her to feel familiar but not be a copy of either preexisting pony if that makes sense?
I imagine they're chocolate scented, or perhaps vanilla.... Greek pony plastic is meant to smell like vanilla from what I've heard, so perhaps that works well?

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Another set that was in my head for a long while,
They're another gimmick combo, this time they're flocked AND scented, it's meant to look a bit like a powdered sugar coating, hence the name <3

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Our final one this far, this set was a challenge to myself, as I usually don't like floral themes, but I actually really like how these girls turned out! <3
The Precious Petal Ponies are flower-scented, like their names, and their symbols are 3D domed cabochons, with floral-shaped sequins and glitter that you can shake around inside!
The gold parts are like chrome gold, so their symbols are somewhat similar to the Princess Ponies crossed with the Precious Pockets if that makes sense? They're inspired by potpourri too!
This background was also my most ambitious one to date, and I'm also quite proud of it haha, I've always wanted to paint one of those old-style fancy gilt greenhouses.
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That's all for now, but I hope you enjoy them! <3
These are so great! Love your artwork!
aHHH I love these ponies so much! I love thinking about the g1 lines and also I love the Flutterpillars, they're so cute and silly! And I am also a huge fan of the flocked ponies, theyre hecka cute. Can't wait to see what you make next.
Obsessed with the flutterpillars your brain is massive for that