Discounted G1-3 Pony Lot for Sale


Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jul 8, 2024
Hi, I am selling my childhood collection to downside for a move. I'd like them to go to a collector or a reseller in the community. They must go as a lot as I don't have the time to sell them individually as I am moving next month. There are two I would sell individually as they are complete sets and the ponies themselves are great condition.
I have noted most flaws but if you want more details or photos of a particular pony I can provide that.
The G1s are all okay-to-good condition, having routine problems such as paint scratches/smudges and difficult to get off marks.
The G3s are all good-to-great/perfect.
They could all use a good soak though as they've been in storage.

I'd like to get $60-$80 as if every non bait is worth an average of $5 then the total would be $150 so I think this is a fair price and it would help me with moving costs.

The two that I'll sell individually are:
Scootin' Along with Breezie $18
Seaside Celebration with Cherry Blossom $15

Both are a complete set.


Parasol (scratches ds cutie mark, pink highlight marks on eyelid)
Sleep Tight (?) (metallic surface markings)
BBE Gusty (left eye does not act correct, only shuts in specific position)
Baby Stockings
Baby Fifi (?) (paint smudge on tooth, smudge on ds blush
Baby Nightcap (?) (some slight smudging of paint on tooth, very small dirt on ds cutie mark)
Forget-Me-Not (very frizzy hair, tried to fix years ago but couldn't. Suspect the tail has been trimmed to ground length, but have no other flutters to compare)
Firefly (some fading of ds cutie mark, faded blue marker underside ds hoof but not viewable normally, overall pretty good)
Baby Firefly(Factory error bubble cavity on nds wing- see photo, ds has smudge on pupil )
Sundance (faint mark under tail, some surface dirt)



Pinkie Pie II
Strawberry Swirl
Butterscotch w/ accessories (Hat strap coming a part due to old age of material)
FrillyFrocks (have some accessories from playset, see accessory photo)


Seaside Celebrations Cherry Blossom w/ accessories(sunglasses in misc accessories photo)
Spring Treat w/ Hat (strap also coming apart due to aging)
Gem Blossom
Breezie w/ scooter and accessories (rest in misc accessories photo, the map is in her bag)
Citrus Sweetheart (still has scent)
Tangerine Sunset (still has scent)


Starcatcher (crown discolored, has sticker)
Hidden Treasure w/ discolored treasure chest, pearl necklace, glitter pink crown, pink ring, Barret(on Starcatcher), flower ring(on Hidden Treasure) )
SilverGlow w/ original jewel
Tropical Delight
Princess Peppermint
Banjo Blue
Butter Pop w/ Soda accessory

Misc Accessories




Ponyville Triple Treat w/ accessories including all four ice creams
Mini G4 Pinkie Pie w/ factory eye misalignment
Mini G4 some sauna based pony???



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