G2 customs


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Mar 22, 2008

I've been semi getting back into customizing ponies. I have so many concepts I want to work out in the future.
My paints are still packed from the move, but I found my acrylic markers and decided to make Night Tide.
I've been ill and bored out of my mind, so why not :D
Her eyes are repainted with watercolour pencils and a tiny bit of gelpen. The symbol is done with the acrylic markers.


I also rehaired an old rehair of Silver Swirl. I had the colours the other way around first, but eventually I caved and wanted the Hematite colour to be more prominent.

And I also wanted to share a custom I did last year (?). Lily :)

Hopefully I can get my hands on some proper sculpting clay. I've been wanting to do a G2 Pegasus and Hippocampus for ages now :winkpony:
Anywho, hope you all like them :D
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These are incredible!! I especially love how you painted the hooves to highlight that part of the sculpt. The yellow bangs on Night Tide are amazing too!!! :hearteyes::hearteyes:
:shock: WOW. Those are seriously stunning.

They’re so subtlety done that they could pass as genuine but at the same time they each have a wow factor that some G2 are missing. You did a fantastic job, I love them!!
I have seen mention of doll customizers using water color pencils, pens, and pastels.

I usually stick to using 20/0 or 18/0 for fine details, so I can see what you mean about the much larger markers!
Normally G2's aren't my cup of tea, but gosh these ladies are stunning! Very well done!
Your customs are really beautiful. I especially love your choice of hair colors to perfectly match each pony's vibe :ponylove:
I'm also not into G2 in general, but these are stunning! I love Night Tide's symbol, is so well done and defined it looks like a factory print!! And Silver Swirl looks so beautiful, she's like a moon princess at a fantasy gala. How delightful! :blue: