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$ Price Check $ G3 Playsets


Flutter Pony
MLPTP Supporter
Sep 7, 2005
Hey all,
I'm going through all my storage ponies, and these don't bring me joy (thanks Marie Kondo), so I was thinking of getting rid of them.
Are they worth anything?
I might just donate them to some neighborhood kids, but I wanted to make sure that they weren't something collectors would want.

Thanks for your time. (PS. I'm not brand new here. Check out my Intro post. I used to have references and such..it's just been a long while).

So far I've found:

Celebration Castle
Cotton Candy Cafe
Bloomin Blossoms Shop
Celebration Salon
Sweet Reflections Dress Shop
Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio
Frilly Frocks Boutique
Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park ** might keep. My daughter seems to like this one.
Butterfly Island Adventure ** might keep. My daughter seems to like this one.
Super Sundae Ice Cream Parlor
Crystal Rainbow Castle
Twist and Style Petal Parlor
Wonder Waves Surf Shoppe