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G4 I did it myself! All 4 gens represented.


New Idea Pony
MLPTP Supporter
Oct 16, 2020
"I've never rehaired a G2, but if I do that I can do Clever Clover myself (different hair, eye gems, symbol, and voila!). The G4 will have to be a commission. And thank you!"

This was my reply only two months ago when I posted G1 and G3 Luminary, and was asked what the others might look like. Now the G4 isn't perfect at all, it is much harder to remove a neck plug on a Playful Pony 3 or 4" G4 using an exacto knife than it is to remove the wings from a Fashion Style 6" G4. Maybe I just need a tougher exacto. But he doesn't have to be perfect, he's done....and now I'm only halfway through my project because I'm going to have at least two Luminarys of all four Gens! Eventually. Might detour and make a few other customs I have planned during that time.

Because of modern G4 and "brony" ponysonas often having natural hair colors, I gave him a natural shade of orange/copper hair that would be called "red" in real life, but it's actually a home blend with a lot of yellow/green metallic that came out looking like blonde streaks. Soarin's angry eyes look more "fierce" when lined with shiny paint that wound up looking like fine glitter (no complaints here). For anyone who wanted to try it, Folk Art's Color Shift paint in blue-violet is a shade of purple, not blue. I made Luminary's eyes more sapphire blue than the usual light blue to match his expression.
Stay tuned for Luminary in all G1 boy poses- I have Glory, obviously, but need Gingerbread (the TE pit bull) and Big Brother, a non royal version of G2, already have another G3 but might go back and make a rainbow version using a somewhat discolored Tink a Tink a Too bait (then no G3 bases will need to be dyed), and 6" Fashion Style G4 from Shining Armor- as I have tons of that home blend left.