Glowing Magic/Glow and Show Variations...can anyone help?



Ok well, aside from the blue hearted and pink hearted Dazzleglow thing, I keep seeing Glowing Magic (Glow and Show) ponies which are different in some way and Im wondering how many variations there actually are :S If we DON'T include how opaque the plastic is and how densely the stars/hearts are spread out (since that's probably random), this is what I think I know:

Dazzleglow (pink hearted) - has pink and blue hair. Unfortunately mine was second hand so I don't know if her hair was originally curly or not...I think not though. Sold universally.

Dazzleglow (blue hearted) - has pink and aqua hair. Hair is STRAIGHT. Sold in North America but not in the UK.

Brightglow: my childhood one came with the pink sections straight and the lavender sections wildly curly. I had her from new and she's still that way.

Brightglow: straight hair. And I don't mean de-curled, either - I've seen her MOC and loose with proper silky straight hair, so I count this as a variation.

Happyglow: blue and white hair (my sister had this from new).

Happyglow: Aqua and white hair (I am looking to get my hands on this one. I've only seen it on US auction but that doesn't mean anything necessarily)

Starglow: Dark pink and yellow hair (my sister had this from new)

Starglow: Coral and yellow hair (I found this at the toy fair here in the UK. Her hair is silkier too, but is NOT a reroot).

Does anyone know any variations I've missed??



Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Jun 22, 2005
I'm afraid not, but I'm desperatley trying to find dazzleglow and happyglow in any form if you know of any bobbing about spare on the net.