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Hell-ow ! Hallo & Bonjour :)

Ayako SweetHeart

Teeny Tiny Baby Pony
Aug 1, 2022
Hi !!
I've just found this forum and since it is pretty active I've decided to hop in !

My name's Ayako, I'm from Switzerland and I do speak multiple languages (mainly English, French and Romand, no I don't speak good German ahah).
I'm still a baby since I'm 17, nearly 18 tho ! I am very open on any topic, but I will not be kind with bullies.

I've loved My Little Pony since I first watched it back in 2005. My first pony is the Minty with the snowy clothes (shoes and scarf) and I still have it ..
I mainly collect G4 and G3, but I do collect other stuff related too, like stickers, others gens, pop, puzzle, cards, decorations, etc etc !
Overall I have around 1000 pony related stuff (toys and clothes and yada yada ahah)

I am not very active on Instagram because I wasn't really on it before last year, I prefer using forums :)

I'd love to meet everyone here and have more friends that share my love for ponies !

Luv everyone !


Festive FelizNavidad Pony
MLPTP Supporter
Jan 3, 2006
Welcome to the MLPTP! We're always happy to share our love of ponies :firefly: I prefer forums too, it's a friendly bunch over here. Hope to see you around :) I've always wanted to visit Switzerland. Pictures I've seen, it looks beautiful!


Its a berry, its a cherry? No, Its a Strawberry!
Dec 29, 2012
Bonjour! :ponylove: I hope you have a lovely time here in the forums!