I wish i may i wish i might


"Always lead by example." Mint
Jun 19, 2019
I wish from the bottom of my heart for:

Mlp wishes
Obtained! A 25th anniversary minty, thank you Ology!
A build a bear minty,
A winter minty 2008
A winter minty 2005 complete
A wing wishes minty complete
A g4 Minty
A baby sea pony sea sparkle
A adult sea pony

Shoppie Doll wishes
peppa-mints gelati scooter play set complete
A Chef club peppa-mint shoppie complete
A Lil’ Secrets peppa-mint shoppie complete
A Wild Style peppa-mint shoppie complete
A single doll pack peppa-mint shoppie complete

Bj doll wishes
A Fortune days Mystery magic girl BJD doll 12 inch constellation series doll Virgo
A culture Japan Mirai smart doll

Pokemon wishes
Giant sleeping Leafeon poké plush 16 inches!
A Leafeon hoodie
A 5 inch Leafeon plush
A Leafeon backpack
A Leafeon necklace
A Leafeon t shirt
A Leafeon tail and ears set
A Leafeon hat

Lego wishes
Lego ninjago ninjago city play set 70620
Ariels under sea palace 41063
little mermaid Ariel's Royal celebration boat 41153
Ariel's amazing treasure 41050

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And a Partridge in a pear tree lol
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