My visit to Toys R us


Brony for life
Jun 11, 2005
On june 4, I went to toys R us at opening to try and see if they had gotten the new sunny scent or perfectly pony ponies. I was crushed since they didn't have them in yet, but the sticker was there (they are still not there and it's been almost 2 weeks). I decided to buy the celebration castle instead since I didn't already have one when a young boy and his mother, aunt, or grandmother (hard to tell now a days :) ) came up and asked him what pony he wanted. I had a huge grin on my face as I listened to what he wanted, what he had and all. They couldnt decide since there were so many and he had only 2. I decided to help out. There was a special at the time. Buy 1 ony at 6.99 or less and get one of equal or lesser value free. I pointed that out and helped them choose his birthday pony (November nights), and the sparkesnap exclusive to toys r us. I informed them of the pony points, where to go to find out about them, where to look for other ponies, and talked about my collection. They were both very nice and kind and understanding. Just goes to show that people of all ages love ponies and that pony friends are everywhere. Even though I didn't get to take home the sunny scent ponies, I was able to help other pony friends and get the celebration castle. It was a good day after all

Baby Boomba

That's just awesome! I helped out a grandmother who was at my TRU when the birthstones came out...She was looking for a pony to buy for her granddaughter's birthday. I mentioned to her about how if you buy 2, you get 1 free..told her about my collection...points program...etc... She thanked me, and said she would definitely buy more than one then, and asked for help in finding the March birthstone. (She was hoping it was a green pony.) They had none, and I was looking for that one myself. But pointed out May to her, and her stunning green hair. She ended up getting May, January, and Rainbow Dash 2. :) It felt good knowing I helped a little girl get 3 ponies, instead of just one! LOL