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My wish list!

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A note; I am not really looking to buy ATM, this is just a wish list. If I want to buy I will post in the correct forum. Thanks.

The want list of; Midnight Rainbow

Wanted G3's (MIB/MOC/MIP ONLY)

All 4 Disney Ponies.
Bloomin Blossom Shop
Dream Blue
Black Pony Project Pony
Rosey Posey
Bay Breeze
Euro Butterscotch, starswirl and Autumn Skye (with charms!)
ribbons and bows
jingle jangle
Picnic fun with with sew and so
Tea Time with Piccolo
Dress up with Sky Wishes
Autumn Crisp
Misty Blue
Fancy Flora and Sunshine Blossom with Graden Stand
So soft soapy smiles

G3 Related Merchandise

Sparkleworks Pillow Buddy
ANY Aussie beanie
ANY Aussie Plushie (really after Rainbow dash and sweetberry)
HUGE aussie plushies (yeah right..lol)
Any of the Wallets
Fleece Blanket
UK Ceramic Dish set
Toothbrushes from the UK
The US dishware set
Change Purse
Clock and Watch set
Keychains from RR Australia series 1 (prefer MIP)
Pinkie Pie Vanity case
ANY of the 4, 70 piece sticker puzzles
Pinkie Pie Water Bottle (UK only I think)
Aussie Tea Set
AU Easter show goodie bag!
Wysteria picnic set
Pinkie Pie perfect hair set
Kimono Backpack (UK)
Sweetberry Backpack (UK)
Jewelry Box (AU)
Pencil Kit (UK)

Wanted G2's

I want ANY MOC/MIB. Same with playsets and the only mail order.


ANY Petites (MOC preferred, loose if MINT)

Preferred in NM - Mint condition only No haircuts or major marks/rubs =) MOC/MIB/MIP of any also wanted.

Pink My Pretty Pony

ALL the FF Ponies

ALL CF ponies. Need Bowtie, Firefly, Glory, Medley, Moondancer, Sunbeam, Twilight,Moonstone, Starshine, Sunlight, Windy,
Sealight and Wave Dancer.
(I would prefer the sea ponies with shells. Thank you)

ALL the earth/Pegs and Unis (except Heart Throb)
ALL rainbow ponies except Pinwheel
Megan and Sundance
All babies
ALL Sea Ponies W/ Shells
ALL Baby Sea Ponies W/ Floats
Ember with Book and cassette MIP

All SS ponies, EXCEPT Heart Throb, Posey, Lofty, and Shady
ALL TE, EXCEPT Speedy and Masquerade
ALL BBE Babies
ALL Flutters (wings not nessecary)
Molly and Baby Sundance
Megan and SS Sundance
ALL Pretty and Pearly Baby Sea ponies W/ Floats
Party Gift Pack, MIB (another long shot =) (I will take the ponies seperate. I already have Party Time, Yum Yum & Best Wishes

ALL TE except TTT and Locket
All TAF except Milky Way, Sugarberry, and UU&A
Princess Serena (want with hat and wand and bushwoolie)
Princess Royal Blue (want with hat and wand and bushwoolie)
Princess Primrose (want with hat and wand and bushwoolie)
Princess Tiffani's Wand and pick
Princess StarBursts Accessories and Bushwoolie
Princess Sparkles (want with hat wand and bushwoolie)
ALL Flutters
ALL Big Bros (would like with hat and/or bandana)
ALL First Tooth babies
ALL Newborn Twins
ALL Sea Sparkle Baby sea Ponies W/ Floats
ALL Pony Friends except Creamscicle and Kingsley
Slumber Party Gift Pack MIB
ALL Soft Sleepy Newborns

ALL Princess ponies (prefer with accessories but not a must)
ALL Brush N Grow except Twisty Tail and Bouquet
ALL Happy Tails
All Magic Message but Mirror Mirror, Cuddles and Windy (symbols must be NM)
WigWam (hats and bandanas are cool too!)
ALL Peek a boo babies
ALL Newborn Twins
ALL Summer Wing
All Watercolor baby sea ponies W/ Floats
ALL Pony Friends
All Sweetberry except Starwberry Surprise

ALL Sparkle except for Sunspot and Twinkler
ALL Merry Go Round EXCEPT Brilliant Blossoms and Sunnybunch
ALL Candy cane EXCEPT Lemon Treats
ALL SunShine
ALL Perfume Puff, except Sweet Suds
ALL Dance N Prance except for Twirler
ALL Princess BNG
ALL Loving Family
ALL Baby Fancy Pants
ALL Playtime baby Bros
ALL Newborms
ALL windy Wing
ALL Sweet heart Sister except Wild Flower
ALL Babies with Pals excepy for pockets and hoppy
Megan and TAF Sundance

All Tropical except Pina Colada
All Rainbow Curl
All Sweet Steps ballerina
ALL dink N wets
ALL Baby Sparkle
All Prom queen SHS
Merry Treats Christmas Pony

All Rockin Beat
ALL Glow N Show
All Precious Pocket (MUST HAVE CHARM)
All Pretty Pony
ALL rainbow Babies
ALL Baby Ballerina
All teeny tiny
ALL Secret Surprise (WITH Saddles!) Dont need StarDazzle, and Need Pretty Puffs Saddle)
Pink eyelash Princess
Firefly With Video

Flower Fantasy
ALL sweet Kisses
ALL sun dazzle
ALL Colorswirl
ALL Paradise Babies
ALL Teeny Twins
ALL Fancy mermaid

Both sodas for soda sippin ponies =)

Mail Orders! Any and all of em =)

ANY G1 plush or beanie.
ANY G2 Beanie
ANY McDonalds Pony (MIP Please)

Any of these can be MIB/MOC too

Any Italian Pony
Any Macau Pony
Any Mexican Pony
Any Greek Pony
Any Agies
Any Brazilian Pony
Any French Pony
Any Peru Ponies
Any Dutch Pony
Any german Pony
Any No Country Pony

Any Non SS Pony
UK Alternate Adults
NBBE Babies
Starlight Babies
Pretty N Pearly baby seas ponies
Dragons that came with Princess ponies
Baby Sundance W/ First Tooth (exist or not?)
Mountain Boys
B Day set with Tutti Fruiti (Want MIB)
Activity club Babies
Flower Ponies
Playshcool ponies
School Time Ponies
Good weather (both poses) (want her MIB)
Romance ponies
Cookery ponies (Really want!)
MLP Tales Characters
Roller Skate (Must have all wheels and headsets)
hair Do Ponies
Sweet Kisses
Best Friends
Princess Sparkle (battery operated)
Loving Family Ponies
Sweetie babies
sea Side babies
Jewlery babies
Great hairs
Nurse ponies
Surprise newborns
Surprise Twins Pony

ANY international playset
ANY international outfit MOC

Any vairents!

Alternate Birthflowers (Yeah right! lol)

Dream Beauties

These are kinda of MLP so here they are..lol I am after any DB, MIB or loose.

ANY MLP related item, like old posters (still in nice condition) lightswitch covers, rugs, blankets, mirrors, clocks..etc.. =)

I think I got it all. Now, will I ever complete it..lol
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