Price Check on Newborn Twin Spoons??


Baby Boomba

Anytime I have bought them, they've been about $1 each. I've been offered some by someone who has them listed for $3 each. I just wanna see if I have been lucky in the recent past with the $1 charge. LOL Is $3 each a "going price?"

*no offense to the seller, :wink: , I just wanna be sure! lol



I pay a $1-$2 for common colours, and no more then $3 for less common...what colour are they boomba?


Dollar Store Baby Fakie
Jun 8, 2005

This is how I would price spoons and some notes on how to tell them apart. Price also depends on how badly you need them, how long you've been looking for them, etc.


Newborn Twins, BBE Babies - $1
=pale pink, aqua, pale butter-yellow) The BBE and early set of Newborns had spoons which were "thicker" in plastic, especially noticeable around the rim of the ladel. The later set of newborns *I believe* had aqua spoons that looked more translucent and thin in comparison, much like the Baby Brother and Fancy Pants spoons.

Baby Brother, Fancy Pants - $2-3 depending on rarity of the pony set (aka, Leaper's pink spoon would definitely be worth more)
=Various shades of colors but none the same as the NB's or BBE's. Pink, darker pink, very dark pink, lavender-pink, purple, light aqua, blue, yellow, slightly darker yellow, golden yellow

Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals - $2-4 Very similar to the NB/BBE's but a shade different and the thickness of the spoons are different. Aqua, Pink, Yellow

TTT Sniffles/Snookums - $2-4. Orange spoons. Very tell-tale.

Princess Sparkle (buggy set) - $4-5
Pink, but unique. Different shade than the other pink spoons.