Prices for NM/Mint 7 Tales characters?



I've been wondering what these girls are worth, now that I think I can part with some. I won't mention EXACTLY which I'm parting with, since it's still a work in progress, so I'm wondering about the whole set.

The ones I have are basically Mint, maybe one or two small dots here and there. I don't keep them for me unless they are mint, and these are from my collection.

What would be fair for them now-a-days?

And a MOC Shoreline?


It depends which ones they are really

Patch ~ $15 - $20
Clover ~ $15 - $20
Bright eyes ~ $15
Bon Bon ~ $15 - $20
Starlight ~ $15
Melody ~ $15

so basically, Starlight and Melody are the most common, and Bright Eyes fluctuates probably because of her pose / colours or something!!


Jun 24, 2005
I would say around $20, if they are mint. :)


OK, that was about what I was thinking. I had a discussion with someone about them, and she said she usually topped her bidding at $14-$15, but lost them most of the time. I was guessing a price at $17.50 each, so I was pretty much in the right ball park.

Thanks so much! It's just funny how some ponies make me love them immediately, and others, I just look at and say "eh". I almost hate to break up the set, but if someone would rather have them in their collection, why not, right?


GroovyGusty said:
Starlight and Melody are the most common, and Bright Eyes fluctuates probably because of her pose / colours or something!!

Bright Eyes is the most expensive seller of the seven that I've seen over the last few days when browsing ebay. She was up around $30 when I saw her and she hadn't ended then, though she has now I think. Maybe it is her colours - I dunno. As a kid she was my favourite and I guess she still is pony-wise, so maybe that is her appeal :D

Patch and Clover are the most htf from my perspective. Bon Bon has always been the most common in my area. But I don't see any of them any more, so that doesn't really help.

I would say that as a blanket value you're looking at between $15 and $30 for any tales pony on their day. If they're really mint, maybe between $20 and $30 on private sale. I would agree that Starlight and Melody seem to go for less on Ebay of late than the others...but I've seen all but Bright Eyes sell for around £10 or less in recent months.



I've had a couple Bright Eyes, and one sold for 35.00 while the other sold for 10.00, both in excellent condition....

I really think it's all a matter of timing really, for an average I would say 20.00 is fair for most of them...

Isn't Clover hardest to find though?

Baby Boomba

I've seen a few Bright Eyes and Bon Bons lately.So they may not go on the higher end. :wink: