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Tak ‘n E’s wishlist


Squishy Columbian Curiosity
MLPTP Supporter
Dec 26, 2015
Wishlist (note, not currently buying, selling, trading, or swapping)

I'm looking for them to be in generally "good" condition, not too many flaws (or at least noticeable flaws).
Acceptable flaws: Not acceptable flaws:
light wear pen, sharpie, or highlighter marks on head/body
surface dirt noticeable hair cuts/Mohawks/shaved
writing on hooves bite marks/holes/missing horns
slightly rusty OK smooze//mold//cancer//pin dot
messy/kinda frizzy hair major paint rubs/missing eye gems
restored/repinked/rehaired (cigarette/cigar) smoke/odor​

My daughter
heart throb, customs, alternate rehair, babies and adults, and from any country not U.S.
ss buttons
ss gusty
ss wind whistler *pink hair
ss shady
ss twist
ss angel
ss bangles
ss taffy *major want
she likes thick flocking and does not mind repinked hair

For me!
Spring song
garden glow
Ember with star
High flyer (winger)
TTT bootsie
TTT tootsie
princess misty (great tinsel)
Baby love melody
spike the dragon
MO spike the dragon
Twilight (pink hair)
Love story

All nirvana ponies I expect to be in poorer condition than the above. I don't mind restored ones. Super short cut or shaved hair, more than 1-3 little cancer spots, or irremovable marker on the body. Hair trims, minimal highlighter, or light symbol rubs are ok.
Heart Throb
Blossom (variants III, IV, and V )
Blossom (any piggy variants)
Heart throb (purple body, red hair)
Blossom (any variant)
Baby blossom (any variant)
Ff and cf lily Leda blossom
Blossom, firefly pose
Baby Blossom, surprise pose
Blossom (any variant)
Baby blossom
Blossom (dream big)
-South Africa (yup, dreaming here!)

any purple
any customized in purples or black/grey
any halloween

*Babies only, accessories not necessary
Baby Swirly
Sweetheart and Trueheart
Rumba and Samba

any Christmas ornaments (original box not necessary) (I have two pinkie pie so far.)
-Super long hair (all mib/mip, but some damage to packaging is ok)
Mib dream blue *major want*
Mib petal blossom
rainbow bubbles mib
snowdrop swirl mib
-all below g3 preferably in box
junko mizuno pony
2008 UK mlp fair pony (sunny grace)
2008 US mlp fair pony (providence)
2009 mlp fair pony (peacock)
2011 comic-con (gothic/tattoo) pony

G4 brushable *preferably loose*
baby flurry heart
Rainbow flash
Sweetie swirl
Starbeam twinkle
Silver spoon
Diamond dazzle tiara
(<3 spike) any spike.

any of Hitch’s animal friends (loose)
a fashion style size Hitch rockin ranger
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