~~* The MLPTP's 2011 Secret Santa Holiday Swap *~~ ALMOST DONE!

Peppermint Truly

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Jun 10, 2005

Welcome to this year's MLPTP Holiday Swap!
This has been lots of fun every year so we hope you'll join in the fun!

How does it work?
  • There will be 2 different price brackets - $20 and $40. Each swap must be $10-$15 in ponies (for the $20 bracket), and $28-$35 in ponies (for the $40 bracket). These do not include shipping.
  • You must include at least one pony in the items you send
  • All items must be wrapped. Think about it... how FUN is it to unwrap gifts?
  • You can choose to swap with as many as 3 people, but be conscious of how many you want to swap with. Make sure you can afford to prepare all packages with the same standards before you commit to it. If you sign up for the $40 bracket, you are only allowed to swap with 2 people max, so you could sign up for 2 $40 swaps or one $40 and one $20.
  • Delivery confirmation or receipt of sending is required! This way if something is lost, we're not mad at you, but it will be the post office's fault.
  • Swap partners will be kept a secret until December 21st. You can post in the Show n Tell thread when you have received your gift, but do not reveal who your partner was until this date. Please do include a card or note in your package telling your swap partner who you are, just don't reveal it on the boards until everyone has gotten their gift.
  • When shopping for ponies, keep in mind that ponies should be in as near MINT condition as possible!Send a package that you would be thrilled to receive yourself.

Requirements to join:
  • 1 Month of Active Membership at MLPTP.
  • Minimum 16 years old. We will make exceptions for younger members but they must have a sponsor.
  • Minimum of 50 posts by end of signups.
  • Minimum. 5 references for TP feedback or outstanding ebay feedback please or TP feedback for 2 successful swaps in the past. Refs must be from trades or people you've sold to!
  • You can buy for up to 3 people but don't take on more than you can handle!
  • You must not have any Negative Feedback on your profile.

All done reading the rules? Let's go on, then.

How to register?

Send a PM to me by copying the form below.

MLPTP Secret Santa Registration Form:
  • MLPTP Member Name
  • What price range would you like to participate in?
  • How many people do you wish to buy for?
  • Where can I check your feedback? (MLPTP, ebay, other forums, etc)
  • Full Name and Mailing address
  • Will you ship internationally?

  • Once you're accepted into the swap, post your wantlist on the corresponding thread in the wishing well or link to the wishlists forum so they're easy to find!
  • Wishlists need to be for at least 15 ponies (or more), or at least close if you can only think of, say 12. Please be sure to list those ponies that fit within the price bracket you selected. If you wish to price check please post in discussion. I will review all wish lists to make sure your partners have plenty to choose from.
  • Then list other things you're interested in:wink:
  • Let us know which flaws are totally unacceptable to you.
  • Let us know which flaws are ok with you.
  • Let us know if you are a G3 mint in box collector.
  • If you list ponies on your Wishlist for less than the swap amount, then do make a note by them so your swapper knows to get more than just that one item. ( not everyone is fully aware of price)
  • List any allergies you might have, as well as your likes or dislikes. Since sending extras is part of this, you want to make sure you receive something you will thoroughly enjoy.

You must PM me when:
  • You have any questions.
  • You want to sign up.
  • You get your swap partner
  • You mail your package (you must include tracking info)
  • You receive your goodies
  • Whenever there are any issues or delays. I understand real life might play tricks on you, and that's OK, just keep me posted so nobody freaks out.

Important Dates:
* Signups : Closing on Nov 19th
* Feedback checking: I'll do it as people register, and will wrap up on 11/20 for last minute participants.
* Swap partner assignment : Nov 20th
* Shipping deadlines:
- International : December 10th
- Domestic : December 14th

Look forward to a fun swap!!!

Participants ($20):
  • Skycakes - SHIPPED
  • Milky - SHIPPED
  • skig (x2)
  • cobralily - SHIPPED
  • tsukikakushi - SHIPPED
  • Lucky
  • Tikibirds
  • x0x_Applejack_x0x - SHIPPED
  • MyLittleLofty - SHIPPED
  • ~PrettyKitty~

Participants ($40):
  • tulagirl - SHIPPED
  • Kaiterbelle - SHIPPED
  • Lucky (x2)
  • Novavelle - SHIPPED
  • CJFullmer
  • MustBeJewel
  • Tikibirds
  • Zaradess - SHIPPED
  • Buddafly - SHIPPED
  • UnicornGusty - SHIPPED
  • Peppermint Truly

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hhhm I want to do this.. would be tricky from Afghanistan.. aaawww Yeah not going to work how would I ship it all here, then ship back out to someone? Stuff takes forever to get here :/

CJ Thimble Bright

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Apr 9, 2010
I am all over this! Last year I opted to do the Halloween swap instead, but this year I purposely avoided that swap to save up for this one! Expect a PM from me in the near future!


Painter Pony
Aug 12, 2011
Wish I could participate, but alas, I'm too young, and I'm having a hard time gathering enough money just to make presents for my family, lol! Have fun you people~


Sep 23, 2010
I sent a PM, of course I wanna join :)


Ctarl-ctarl Outlaw Pony
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Jan 18, 2006
Oh what the hay... I guess I'm sending you a pm too :)


Sep 30, 2007
PM-ed you! Can't wait, this is my fav swap :D