MLPTP's BIG Fundraiser! The MLPTP's 2024 Fundraiser and Prize Giveaway NOW LIVE!

Please note that prize #30 (G3 child's kneepads and 1 elbow pad) is now a complete set of both knee and elbow pads:


Donated by @Draco

If this changes your prize list in any way, please PM a revision to @MustBeJewel :)
2024 Fundraiser Progress:

We are have met our goal!

Thank you to everyone who has donated! :ponylove:

The Fundraiser will continue to stay open until the official closing date to allow a chance to all who want to participate,


As our thanks for your heartfelt support, we will now add even MORE Mystery Prize drawings at the conclusion of the 2024 Fundraiser event! Stay tuned for the final drawing on 7/14/24! <3

PS: You can still purchase Posty merch, submit your drawing of Posty, create a tutorial, or contribute funds toward future site costs, games, and events to get Fundraiser entries!
The GIF of Posty jumping and dancing at the end of the rainbow made me laugh. Glad the goal was reached!! :blue: :butters: :cc:
<3 Just a Friendly Reminder <3

Although your list of prizes from MOST to LEAST preferred is not due until 11:59pm EST on July 13th 2024, we would like to kindly remind the following people that they have not yet submitted their lists and shipping addresses to us.

As per the terms above, if we do not receive your list (via PM to @MustBeJewel) and your name is drawn, your prize(s) will be random. If we do not receive your shipping address, we will not be able to send you a prize if your name is drawn.

We are issuing this reminder in order to make sure you have plenty of time to submit your information and to remind those who may have forgotten :)

See your name on the list, but you didn't send a donation? Somepony sent you an entry as a gift! ;) <3

@Ms Twilight
@March Meadow
@Glory the Magic Unicorn
@Cherry Treats
@High Flyer
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