Tips to Get You Started

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Oct 18, 2017
Welcome to the MLPTP we're happy to have you join our pony loving community!

One of the first things we'd like to do is give you some tips and tricks to help you use the forum. For starters, if you haven't already be sure to check out our site rules

The +Quote feature is something you can use when you would like to respond to a specific comment in a thread. It will insert the quote desired into your reply. To avoid having multiple postings in the same thread and keep the threads from getting too overwhelming you can add it to one or multiple posts at once using the "+quote" feature. For example, if you wish to respond to 2 specific comments in a thread, you can click on the +quote in the bottom right of the posts and when you go to reply you will see the "insert quotes" button which will allow you to insert the quote(s) from the other member you wish to reference in your response. You may do this for one or multiple quotes in a thread within one post.

Please no "necro bumping" - as you explore and enjoy the numerous threads and topics around the board, please be conscious of the date of the last update to the post. If it is more than a year old you should not comment on it, as this will bring an old thread back to the top of the posts. Instead, you can "like" the posts that are older, and if you have a question to ask that is related to the topic, start a brand new thread!

Please always remember we have younger members on our board so we want to keep the environment here friendly and PG rated. We do have an area called the Dream Beauty Lounge which is where some more "adult" topics may be discussed. Details of that can be found here

The default time zone here is set to CST. It is recommended you update it as needed for yourself. You can do that here some of the games and events we have may have timing rules to follow and that will likely help you.

Our messaging feature is called, "Conversations". You can send a message to a member or multiple members by using "Conversations". To start a Conversation you can either click on the little envelope icon by your username in the upper right of the page (this is also where you would respond to messages) or if you click on a member's name under their avitar a box will pop up giving you the option so start a conversation as well.

If you've made it this far you're on the right track. Please be sure to post an introduction so we can all properly welcome you to the herd!
Not open for further replies.