Crystals & Beyond's Family and Friends


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Dec 17, 2010
This is Crystals & Beyond, my main ponysona. She is a beautiful unipeg who married Marhaja. Her daughter is Crystal Thari. She is quiet, kind, intelligent and wise. She loves spending time outside, standing perfectly still with her eyes closed and her face to the wind. She is very magical, as all unipegs are. She loves her daughter very much, but worries over her arrogance when she goes into her night form. Her best friend is Sunrise Blush.

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Marhaja, husband of Crystals &Beyond, is wild, spirited, alert, and, at times, rather crazy. Crystal Thari inherited her father's wildness. He is based off of a horse friend of mine who died.

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Crystal Thari, daughter of Crystals & Beyond and Marhaja, is a complicated little pony. She is pegasus pony during the day, and a unicorn during the night. If you stare into her Cutie Mark, the clouds will swirl and the sunbeams (appear only during the day) and the stars (appear only during the night) will twinkle. You may even see a little pegasus, soaring through the clouds.​

During the day, Crystal Thari is very sweet-natured, calm, and kind like her mother. But during the night, she becomes rebellious and stubborn and a bit wild like her father, Marhaja. Her future husband, Windsong, really likes her, and only meets her during the night (he doesn't know about her other side) and admires her arrogant night form.

At night, she doesn't just change colors, but she also transforms into her future-self. Thari's mind acts as if she's in the future (as if she's traveled back in time) and she doesn't realize that she transforms at night. Her Cutie Mark are the clouds of her younger self. Her mane shows the sky, as it gets darker or light.

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Sunrise Blush loves the outdoors and is extremely playful. She is a good artist and enjoys painting sunrises, ocean scenes, and other landscapes. She is friends with Marhaja and Crystals and Beyond. She loves playing with Crystal Thari and tries to give her advice in life as the little pony grows up. During the day, Crystal Thari appreciates the advice, but at night she becomes rebellious and doesn't accept the wisdom her friend gives her.​

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Note: Sunrise Blush's face mark extends all the way from her horn to her nose. The pony in the ref has a short muzzle so that's why I needed to explain this.

Windsong is Crystal Thari's future husband. He doesn't know about her sweet, kind, "day" side, and admires her arrogant, wildness. He is strong, reliable, and definetly has a mind of his own, with his only weakness being Crystal Thari and a good cup of hot chocolate. He is half dragon.

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NOTE: I am looking for someone to draw Windsong. I'll be happy to trade art. Please PM me if interested.
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