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Fauna Quillstone, Kal's Ponysona


Awkward Earth Pony
Apr 18, 2013

After a lot of searching and sampling and making doll after doll this one just felt right. Everything to her has a meaning, so she is truly my ponysona.

Name: Fauna Quillstone
I love animals, nature, and have been writing since I can remember. I took elements from all three of these to construct her 'perfect' name.

Species: Earth Pony
I am definitely not a flashy Pegasus or a scholarly unicorn. I'm just a simple, down to earth person who believes in hard work to achieve my goals in life.

Main Color: Sandy brown/tan
Again, it is one of the simplest earth tones...and I do wear a lot of earth tones.

Mane: Tri-colored with deep and light greens and scattered neon purple streaks
Really, it should be mostly an emerald green with a few scattered seafoam green and neon purple streaks...but the doll maker isn't that customizable. The greens further represent nature and the neon purple represents my deeply hidden "wild side" where I am open and bubbly...and most of the world never really sees that side of me.

Cutie Mark: A Quill (and ink well)
Though I currently work in an animal-based job writing has always been my passion. Ideally the feather used as a quill would be the shoulder feather from a male red-winged blackbird because I have always found an odd peace in watching them in my teenage years.

Overall, Fauna is me. She has a love of animals (but a fear of spiders), enjoys all that nature has to offer and she can most often be found sitting in a serene setting writing down her thoughts. She is a reclusive mare who takes a while to truly open up to those around her, but she has a huge heart full of compassion and generosity.