g4 valentines with candy and a bonus

Discussion in 'Show & Tell' started by babyblueducky, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. babyblueducky

    babyblueducky That's Quacktastic!

    my first g4 items and they're valentines. i found them at my .99 cent only store. i was excited to see them cause i also wanted some g4 art for me to practice with. sadly when i opened them i noticed a big goof they made with apple jacks face. i didn't take a picture of it. i wonder if the whole batch of her is made wrong or just a few. its not goofed on the back of the package.


    i also got these, well, my sister bought them for me. she owns my soul for all the things i have been unable to buy for myself. littlest pet shops. she told me to pick 3, but then it became 4. there were 6 different ones, but i decided to let those 2 go. i liked the 4 i got a bit more. a kitty, a ferret, a bat, a lamb and i let go of the mouse and pig. they're very cute.

  2. todlless

    todlless Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    Everything looks soo awesome congrats. Id love them valentines cards but doubt we will get anything like that in time for valentines this year :( Mega jealous and those LPS are well cute huge congrats xxx
  3. Chun-Li

    Chun-Li Retired Street Fighter

    Congratulations on your new goodies
  4. autumn rose

    autumn rose Rosedust divine

    Rock-on! Love, love to see! Enjoy, awww..
  5. Ms Twilight

    Ms Twilight Princess Rinse 'N Spit

    Congrats! I haven't seen those Valentines posted anywhere yet! Awesome! I hope I can find them around here.
  6. quackadoodle

    quackadoodle Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    Not sure about there, but here (Canada) our Dollar/99cent stores tend to carry stuff that was misprinted or otherwise defective/screwed up. That could explain the goof of Apple Jack's face... a messed up batch shipped to the 99cent store?

    At the drug store here, they are still selling ancient G3 MLP valentine sets (pre-core7!)
  7. babyblueducky

    babyblueducky That's Quacktastic!

    but you cant tell they were defected in a sealed package that isn't see through. unless they set aside those misprints and bagged them for discount stores.

    if anyone is interested in them, let me know. i can get however many you want, just pay for them and shipping.
  8. quackadoodle

    quackadoodle Teeny Tiny Baby Pony

    True, you can't tell that they are defective when packaged... they must set aside misprints for discount stores or something. I never really put much thought into it before. Now I am curious!
  9. babyblueducky

    babyblueducky That's Quacktastic!

    here is a picture of the cards. now you can see the error.

  10. Ziegirl

    Ziegirl Astronomy Geek

    AAAH!!! Applejack's face is very horrifying. It's deformed!!!!!! Oh well..... the valentines are very nice otherwise. I printed one off the MLP website but that's all I have.
  11. ponyboydan

    ponyboydan Bushwoolie

    awesome valentine's!:)

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