Generations going forward

Nightmare Muffin

Aug 1, 2017
With the subject of g5 on everyone's minds, and questions of whether it will be good or bad and what may be in store for it on their lips, I feel like most are missing crucial perspective.

To truly answer what might lie ahead for g5 and how it will compare to g4, one thing that I feel needs to be looked at is the creators and their intent. Lightning struck with G4 creator, Lauren Faust, which the fans hold in high regard. She had tried to pitch Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls to Hasbro, but someone shot it down and suggested that she work her magic on the MLP brand, which turned out successful due to insane luck that Faust had her childhood rooted in the playtime with and love of toys of g1, which were created by Bonnie Zacherle.

G1, in turn, was brought about by a love of ponies by a woman who recalled that love as a little girl and wanted to share that love with other girls who couldn't be as fortunate to have their own real life ponies to take care of, as Bonnie did.

Is anyone seeing a pattern at to what made the founding gen of g1 and its later successor, g4, so successful, as compared to g2 or g3? Or what the secret ingredient is to ensure a long lasting and successful gen?